Is This BEST Draft Class So Far?

NBA 2017 Draft Class

Jennifer Buchanan- USA TODAY Sports

These past few years have had some pretty disappointing draft classes. Last years was extremely disappointing as many lottery picks were bench warmers, injured OR just not NBA ready.

But this year could be different. The 2017 NBA draft class posseses talent that can be compared to the legendary draft classes such as the 1996 draft class, which produced Hall Of Famers like Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and Steve Nash and the 1984 NBA Draft class which brought NBA legends like Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and John Stockton into the NBA. Looking at this years draft class, there is nothing but potential for these players to be superstars!

Of course with every draft class there will be busts. Even the 1984 NBA Draft class produced a couple of busts like when the Trailblazers had the chance to draft Michael Jordan, but instead drafted Sam Bowie which turned out to be a liability.

There’s no reason to think that potential first overall pick Markelle Fultz couldn’t become the next historic draft bust. But the guard out of Washington is an amazing prospect. The kid averaged 23.2 PPG, 1.6 SPG, and 5.9APG last season for Washington. He does everything a point guard should, score, distribute, and defend.

Another great prospect in this years draft is Lonzo Ball who is expected to be drafted 2nd overall to the Lakers. He averaged 14.6PPG, 6.0RPG, and 7.6APG and can also defend well, recording 1.8SPG last season.

Then there is De’Aaron Fox from Kentucky. Fox is an explosive guard who has crazy finishes. His fellow teammate Malik Monk who is a great shooter, is also a very intriguing prospect. Monk is not as explosive as Fox but he brings other skills to the table that Fox does not, like the ability to shoot at a high rate. He averaged 20 PPG on 45% shooting from the field. Fox is projected to go as late as the 8th pick, surprisingly.

There are some great shooters in this draft class, such as Luke Kennard. He averaged 19.5PPG and 5.1RPG while shooting a 43.8 3PT %. He’s suppose to go as late as the 21st pick. Just imagine all the talent in between.

Some other good prospects are players like Jayson Tatum who is a great isolation player that can also shoot well, T.J Leaf who a great post-up player and Justin Jackson who led North Carolina to an National Championship this past season.

Even late in the draft and there are great players with plenty of potential. Caleb Swanigan from Purdue averaged a double-double this entire season and Oregon alum Dillon Brooks who has always provided for the Ducks and is projected to go as late as the 40th pick.

These are only a few of the great players to be picked on June 22nd. There’s never a guarantee that NBA Draft prospects will be great, but hearing all the players who have declared for this years draft and witnessing their spectacular college play, there is a lot potential for this class to be successful. This draft class will be one of the greatest draft classes of all-time and will produce many, many Hall Of Famers and All-Stars.


One thought on “Is This BEST Draft Class So Far?

  1. I know absolutely nothing about the draft. However, after reading this article has given me much insight into how the NBA picks there players. Knowing that one day some of these players will be all-time great’s! That being said, the writer of this article was on point. Great article.


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