Przemek Karnowski: NBA Draft Profile

Przemek Karnowski Draft Profile

Young Kwak- AP Photo

The man from Poland, Gonzaga Przemek Karnowski has decided to declare for the 2017 NBA Draft. In his final season with the Bulldogs, Karnowski averaged 12.2 points per game, 5.8 rebounds per game and 1 block per game. Keep in mind these numbers were recorded while playing only 22.9 minutes per game.

Height: 7’1″

Weight: 300 lbs

Position: Center

Strengths: Attitude, Passing, Size and Post Game

It may sound like what your teacher told you in Middle School, but Karnowksi has a great attitude and it will really take him a long way. For someone as big and intimidating as him he is actually a very nice, funny and positive person. Just being a good person will make everyone around you want to work with you.

While Kanowski can be called a traditional big man, he has definitely adapted to the passing game of the modern era. Whether he’s passing out to the 3-point line to an open guard or passing out of a double team to an open teamate, he knows how to pass the ball well.

Karnowksi’s size and strength is one of his best attributes. At 7’1″ 300 pounds he can bully nearly anybody down low in the paint.

His post game is also quite efficient. He knows how to use his size and strength down low to get under the basket, post-up and score easy buckets.

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Rebounding, Free Throws and Defence

Unfortunately, Karnowski’s athleticism is by far his biggest weakness of them all. It’s not the old days where a 7’1″ 300 pound center can win games by just posting up. You need to be quick on the fast break while watching out for the three and Karnowski lacks the ability to do so.

5.8 rebounds per game isn’t terrible by any means, but for a man of his size you’d expect him to be picking up more off the boards.

Yes, big men are known for not being able to shoot free throws, but 58% from the line just isn’t good enough. If Kanowski wants to become a great center, his free throw shooting ability need to improve.

His defence isn’t awful at all, but a 7’1″ player who is expected to be a team’s main shot-blocker needs to be averaging a bit more than just 1 block per game.

NBA Comparison: Shaquille O’Neal

No, Karnowski is not nearly as good as Shaq and they’re not nearly on the same level, talent wise. But they share nearly identical play styles. They are both massive, strong centers who can bully people down low while they post up.

Where He Will Go: #60 To The Atlanta Hawks

If Karnowski does end up getting drafted, he will go last pick to the Atlanta HawksWith the recent departure of Dwight Howard, Karnowski could find a role within the Hawks organization. Karnowski could be a backup if Millsap doesn’t resign or he could work his way up to the NBA through the G-League. 





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