The Wizards Need to Trade for Paul George If There is An Opportunity to do so


Paul George to the Wizards

Michael Hickey- USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards are coming off their best season in nearly 40 years. They pushed the top seeded Boston Celtics to a seven game series in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, and they would have won it if they had more depth on the bench.

All-Star point guard John Wall and backcourt counterpart Bradley Beal both had career years under first year head coach Scott Brooks this past season. Brooks is known for his development of players such as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, so the all-star production of Wall and Beal comes as no surprise.

Although this was the best team Washington has had in years, they were never considered a real threat to the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers because of the Wizards’ lack of star power. The Warriors have 4 All-Stars while the Wizards just have one in John Wall, (Beal got snubbed). In this new league centered around superteams, an NBA team needs 3 or even 4 All-Stars to have a shot at a title. That is where Paul George comes in.

Paul George has been hinting at a return to his home in California and joining the L.A. Lakers when his contract is up after next season. These rumors have picked-up steam in the past few days with the Lakers engaging in trade negotions with the Pacers.  

Yesterday David Aldridge reported that the Wizards have joined the sweepstakes to acquire the All-Star Forward from the Indiana Pacers. A report stated that the Wizards are trying to get George to D.C. without giving up Beal. Having Beal on the roster would be a requirement to have George re-sign with the Wizards after this year, as he would be paired with arguably the best backcourt in the league.

One might ask,“what about Demarcus Cousins; won’t he be our third star next year?” Wall and Cousins were roommates in college and have kept in touch since their days in Lexington. Despite their connection and chemsitry, the New Orleans Pelicans are trying to win now and with Anthony Davis as his teammate, Cousins should not leave. The Pelicans also have much more cap room than the Wizards do and can acquire more free agents this summer to make New Orleans even more attractive to Cousins.

You can’t pass on George for Cousins when you have Ernie Grunfeld at the helm. You just can’t.

One also might ask “why kill the future for just a guy who could leave after a year, especially since the Cavs, and Warriors are still intact?” Three reasons:

    • Wall/Beal/George would be deadly: This trio would be extremely tough to handle. John Wall’s best is still ahead of him and with two scorers like George and Beal to pass to, the floor would open up instantly. Beal is only going to progress in every aspect of his game; the kid is 23 for goodness sakes. George, with his scoring ability, could take a lot of the offensive load off of Wall which would take a lot of weight off of the shoulders of Wall. It will be hard for a backup point guard to underperform when you have George on the floor with you. All 3 of them are great on-ball defenders so the defense will be stout, especially if Ian Mahinmi can go back to his Pacer days.

    • Lebron could be gone: Just yesterday the departure of Cavalier GM David Griffin sent shock waves throughout the entire Association. This especially has gotten into one man’s head, the King himself Lebron James. Lebron was reported to be concerned by the firing of Griffin after he wanted Griffin’s contract to be extended. This came just days after James’ wife reportedly wants to move to L.A. for good. Chris Paul, one of James’ Banana Boat buddies, also resides in L.A. It sounds like 2010 all over again. The potential sinkhole in Cleveland would be a selling point for George to stay in Washington and almost assure him a free ride to the NBA finals.
    • The Warriors could be breaking up: Countless Warriors are unrestricted free agents this summer including players who definitely contributed. Guys like Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry, Shaun Livingston, Javale McGee, Zaza Pachulia, David West, and Ian Clark are free agents this year. With the cap going up each year and absurd contracts flying all around, it would be idiotic to think the Warriors could even re-sign more than half of them. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry are undoubtedly locks to make their return, but the rest and most importantly, Iguodala, are likely gone.

The Wizards will certainly have a tough time acquiring George from the Pacers possesing very few marketable assets. But if they have the chance to get George, the Wizards better jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat!  


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