Who Will Be the Next Star in Cleveland Butler or George?

Gary A. Vasquez- USA TODAY Sports

After being defeated in the NBA Finals in five games to the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavilers must try and acquire a big name star to even have a chance at dethroning the four headed superteam in the Bay. Two marquee players that the Cavs could potentially to try trade for are Paul George and Jimmy Butler.

Paul George led the Indiana Pacers to a playoff appearance this past season but was defeated in the first round by the team he is potentially joining, the Cleveland Cavaliers in a four-game sweep. The sweep led to Paul George informing the Pacers that he would like to leave the organization and preferably join the Los Angeles Lakers. If George was not traded he told the Pacers front office that he would sign with the Lakers once his contract expires in 2018.

Multiple sources have claimed that George would like to join the Lakers in the coming years. However, these sources do not rule out that other teams that are in the running for PG. The Cavs have expressed lots of interest in PG, but he has not returned the favor. After the entire NBA world made Kevin Durant a villain for leaving for the team that beat him in the Western Conference Finals, why would Paul George want to face similar hate and leave to a team that has a player that has dominated his teams in the playoffs for his entire career?

On the other hand, the Cavs could possibly acquire the best two-way player in the league, Jimmy Butler. Butler would provide lockdown defense on the wing that the Cavilers desperately need. If the Cavs are really trying to beat the Golden State Warriors then they need to focus on defense, not offense.

Teams like the Houston Rockets focused on offense and tried to straight up outscore the Warriors, but they failed. This shows us that teams have to try and beat the Warriors on the other side of the ball. Jimmy Butler would fit perfectly in the Cavilers lineup, but much like George, Butler has shown no personal interest in joining the Cavs.

The Pacers have made it clear that they want to move George by Thursday at the latest. For now, the Bulls have not publicly stated when they want to or if they want to move Butler. As for other players that the Cavs could pick up, there have been reports that Kristaps Porzingis is being shopped around. For now, buckle up Cavs fans because it is going to be a wild offseason.


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