Dillon Brooks: NBA Draft Profile

Dillon Brooks

Harry How – Getty Images

6’6″ Canadian guard out of University of Oregon, Dillon Brooks is declaring for the Draft. In his first year he was placed as a starter and Oregon never looked back. In that first year he only averaged 11.5 PPG but next season was given increased minutes, with that came more production. He averaged 16.7 PPG and 5.4 RPG. We saw nearly the same numbers the next year, surprisingly. Yet he still managed to get the 2016-2017 Consensus All-American (2nd team) and was PAC-12 Player of the Year beating lottery picks such as Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball.

Dilllon Brooks has always had a physical and aggressive manner to get to the basket which allows him to create space. This past season he had a career best on three-point shooting at 40.1% in 4.1 attempts per game. He’s also an improved passer and while driving to the lane may find a empty teammate in the corner while he gets extra defensive attention. He can also shoot the mid-range ball which is especially useful if he can’t score on a bigger defender. Finally, he’s a clutch player. Very confident and it shows. He hit two Game-winners one to #2 ranked UCLA, and then the other on a road game in Cal.

One weakness of Dillon has always that he seems never to finish through shots. He also has average lateral quickness which makes his job harder when he has to guard quick guards. He’s also way too predictable on a straight line drive attack which allows defenders to know what to expect. He’s not a great ball handler either which makes it hard for him to change the direction of the ball. Another thing is that Oregon mostly played a zone defense and hardly man so we could never see Dillon play an NBA style defense.

Player Comparison: Draymond Green
Dillon Brooks is the next Draymond Green. They both are able to space the floor and knock down shots beyond the arc and are both pretty aggressive when attacking toward the basket. One difference though is the fact that Draymond can defend anyone in the league today. Dillon may have trouble but can still defend well as he did average 1.1 SPG in both his Sophomore and Junior years.

Where Will He Go: Philadelphia 76ers
He will go to the 76ers because the 76ers need someone who has offensive versatility so he can go there and he can help stretch out the floor. His aggressive behavior towards the basket will also help get shooters open.


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