Hawks select John Collins

John Collins 12th Pick

Jeremy Revard- USA TODAY Sports

With the 19th pick in the draft, the Atlanta Hawks select power forward/ center John Collins out of Wake Forest. He is a 6’10, 235 pound lanky guy who averaged 19.2 points per game.

Collins is a player who can play both power forward and center. He can play great on both offense and defense. This was the big man the Hawks were looking for after trading Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap potentially leaving in free agency.

John Collins fits well with the Hawks roster, he’s replacing some big men that the Hawks have lost this offseason. Collins is looked at as rim protector but his defense isn’t all that good. He also has the capability to be an inside scorer and rebounder. John is a good free throw shooter, shooting 75%, something the Hawks lacked during the season.

Collins does have his flaws, one being three point shooting a flaw that does not stick well in the NBA. Another one of his weaknesses is foul trouble, something in which he do not stay out of. He had a difficulty to guard guys without creating some kind of elusive contact, resulting in a foul.

College fouls and NBA fouls are different. Contact is stricter in college than the NBA. Therefore, Collins is going to get away with more contact and fouls. This is referring to contact while players are in the post and Collins is protecting the rim.

Collins will not immediately jump onto the court, but will get a few minutes each game until about mid-season. We’ve seen this process with Taurean Prince, which definitely helped Prince get better. John may also get to spend some time in the G-League, as Prince did also.

Expect John Collins to become a great rim protector and a mildly dominant player. Hopefully he’ll help out the Hawks in the long run.



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