Jack Hunter’s 2017 NBA Mock Draft

NBA Mock Draft

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With this year’s class being so deep, there are many different mock drafts with players projected all over the place. Every pick in this draft is valuable and teams picking later will find many hidden gems. A lot of trades can happen which will mess up the draft order and which players get drafted when. For more details on these players, click the link on them that will take you to their NBA Draft Profiles.

#1-Philadephia 76ers Select Markelle Fultz (PG, Washington)

When the 76ers acquired the #1 pick from Boston over the weekend, it was so they could draft Markelle Fultz. The 76ers desperately need a Point Guard and Fultz has potential to be a star in this league for a while.

#2- Los Angeles Lakers Select Lonzo Ball (PG, UCLA)

There’s been speculation that the Lakers would take Josh Jackson instead, but that has been silenced after LA dealt D’Angelo Russell to Brooklyn. Ball has great size (6’6″) and is a true playmaker that Magic Johnson can mentor. LA’s run-and-gun offense fits perfectly for Ball, who runs the break very well.

#3- Boston Celtics Select Jayson Tatum (SF/PF, Duke)

Josh Jackson has been linked to the Celtics, but he hasn’t even worked out with the team, giving belief that the Celtics will take Jayson Tatum. Tatum has the size (6’8″, 205 pounds) to play Small Forward or Power Forward (in a small-ball set) and is considered one of (if not) the best scorer in the draft. Tatum can make an immediate impact for the Celtics as an all-around scorer, but has the potential to turn into a superstar.

#4- Phoenix Suns Select Josh Jackson (SG/SF, Kansas)

Jackson is more of a wildcard compared to Jayson Tatum. While Tatum has a high floor due to his proven skill, Jackson’s jump shot is inconsistent, and he has a rather thin frame. But, his upside is insane. His athleticism, size, defensive abilities, and jump shot (if consistent) can make Jackson a star in the NBA, but he will take a while to develop. With the Suns currently rebuilding, they should have the time to let Jackson develop.

#5- Sacremento Kings Select De’Aaron Fox (PG, Kentucky)

Many have considered Fox the best Point Guard in the draft due to his performances against Lonzo Ball (20 and 39 points). While Fox’s weak jump shot hurts his case, Fox is still an incredible talent who has great athleticism and court vision. Fox would be great in Sacramento to run pick and rolls with Skal Labissiere and Willy Cauley-Stein (Kentucky basketball reunion).

#6- Orlando Magic Select Dennis Smith Jr. (PG, North Carolina State)

The Magic need backcourt help, as the current backcourt of Elfrid Payton and Evan Fournier isn’t exactly too intimidating. Smith is an all-around Point Guard who could help Orlando’s backcourt woes. The ACC Rookie of the Year is very quick and has a solid jump shot (something Elfrid Payton struggles with).

#7- Minnesota Timberwolves Select Jonathan Isaac (SF/PF, Florida State)

The Timberwolves have prided themselves on length, athleticism, and versatility, which are all things Jonathan Isaac have. Isaac has the defensive skill and versatility which will fit right into Head Coach Tom Thibodeau’s scheme. Isaac also has a respectable offensive game that has a lot of room to develop. Isaac, at 6’11”, is a great rebounder and athlete, and he also has a lot of versatility of offense. He has potential to be a star in this league.

#8- New York Knicks Select Malik Monk (PG/SG, Kentucky)

Although Monk (6’3″) has the size of a Point Guard, his game better suits him at the Shooting Guard position. Monk is a pure scorer, which paired with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis, can help the Knicks’ 19th rated offense (104 PPG) improve tremendously. Depending on the future of Derrick Rose, Monk could move to Point Guard if he improves his ball control.

#9- Dallas Mavericks Select Frank Ntilikina (PG, France)

Although he produced rather weak numbers overseas last year, Frank Ntilikina has tremendous upside that the Mavericks could use in the future. With the Dirk Nowitzki era coming to an end, the Mavericks need to start finding future star players, and if they give Frank Ntilikina time to develop, he could be the next international prospect that the Mavericks hit on.

#10- Sacramento Kings Select Lauri Markkanen (PF/C, Arizona)

Although the Kings don’t need another frontcourt player, drafting based on need has been proven ineffective. Markkanen is too good of a talent for Sacramento to pass up, as he is the best stretch big in the draft. The 7-footer (42% from three) can help Sacramento to space the floor (SAC only made 9 three-pointers a game last season) and grab rebounds.

#11- Charlotte Hornets Select Donovan Mitchell (SG, Louisville)

After the Hornets acquired Dwight Howard, a PF like John Collins who doesn’t have a great jump shot and would really clog the floor. The Hornets could use a guy like Donovan Mitchell who is an all-around offensive player who can spread the floor. Mitchell has great athleticism and would fit nice next to Kemba Walker. With Mitchell, the Hornets can space the floor and compete for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

#12- Detroit Pistons Select Zach Collins (PF/C, Arizona)

With Andre Drummond likely to be moved soon, Collins is a fierce rebounder who can step in at Center (being 7’0″ tall). Collins will allow the Pistons to space the floor, as he shot 47% from three in his lone season at Gonzaga.

#13- Denver Nuggets Select OG Anunoby (SF, Indiana)

With Danilo Gallinari always being injured, the Nuggets are particularly short-handed at wing. Although Anunoby tore his ACL last season, he’s got great size (6’8″) and has the potential to be a stand-out player. He could really benefit playing behind Danilo Gallinari while he learns the NBA and recovers from his injury.

#14- Miami Heat Select Justin Jackson (SF, North Carolina)

After averaging 18.4 points per game and winning a championship for North Carolina, Justin Jackson is a very polished player who can make an immediate impact. With the Heat looking to contend next year, Jackson will be able to contribute immediately.

#15- Portland Trail Blazers Select John Collins (PF, Wake Forest)

The Trail Blazers backcourt has always been great, but their frontcourt has struggled with injuries to Center Jusuf Nurkic. Collins has a chance to start at PF for the Blazers and could make a big impact on the glass. Collins averaged 19 points per game last season which makes him a threat in the post. Collins and Nurkic in the front court could really balance out the Trail Blazers and make them a competitor in the Western Conference.

#16- Chicago Bulls Select Bam Adebayo (C, Kentucky)

The Bulls could use a dominating frontcourt presence, and Bam Adebayo would be a good fit for that. Adebayo is one of the most polished Centers coming into this draft. His rebounding and rim protection is good already, and his outside shot when developed can be great for the Bulls.

#17- Milwaukee Bucks Select Harry Giles (C, Duke)

The Bucks are full of young talent, so they can afford to miss in the draft, which is why I have them selecting Harry Giles. If it weren’t for two ACL tears, Giles would likely be the #1 overall pick, but his knee limited his playing time at Duke. The Bucks already have a stable frontcourt, so they have time to develop Giles and let his knee heal. This pick is risky, but if it turns out, it’ll be scary.

#18- Indiana Pacers Select Semi Ojeleye (SF/PF, SMU)

With Paul George’s departure coming sometime in the next year, the Pacers need to plan for the future. Ojeleye has insane athleticism and a solid jump shot that should fare well in the NBA. Ojeleye has big upside and would be a good replacement on the wing when Paul George leaves.

#19- Atlanta Hawks Select Jordan Bell (PF/C, Oregon)

General Manager Travis Schlenk said that the Hawks are looking for length and athleticism, and that is what Bell brings to the table. He is a true rim protector and can lock down forwards and Centers. Bell’s stand-out game was vs. Kansas in the tournament where he had 8 blocks. Bell’s mobility fits perfectly into Coach Budenholzer’s offense which thrives on fast break offense and transition defense. With Dwight Howard gone and Paul Millsap likely being next, Bell would fill a huge hole. Although Bell may be a reach here, we may be looking at the next Draymond Green.

#20- Portland Trail Blazers Select Justin Patton (C, Creighton)

Patton can’t help the Trail Blazers out immediately, but his ceiling is very high. With Jusuf Nurkic and three first-round picks, the Trail Blazers can certainly take a few risks, which is why I have them selecting Patton.

#21- Oklahoma City Thunder Select Luke Kennard (SG, Duke)

Luke Kennard’s draft stock has risen tremendously over the past few days, but with so many other prospects with higher upside, I would find it hard for Kennard to be selected over those guys. Kennard can make an immediate impact on a winning team, but I don’t think he has the potential to be a big-name player. Kennard fits perfectly in OKC and can help space the floor for Russell Westbrook.

#22- Brooklyn Nets Select T.J. Leaf (PF, UCLA)

Leaf is an explosive athlete who has good size (6’10”) who can get above the rim. He fits perfectly in the NBA due to his athleticism and ability to space the floor. Leaf and newly acquired D’Angelo Russell would make a very good combo in Brooklyn. Leaf can certainly make some highlight plays and has the potential to be a star in the league.

#23- Toronto Raptors Select Terrance Ferguson (SG, Australia)

Terrance Ferguson has tremendous potential to score from the wing, and with almost similar play styles, Ferguson can learn a lot from current SG Demar Derozan. Ferguson is great at attacking the basket and with some development, Ferguson can be another reliable option for the Raptors.

#24- Utah Jazz Select Tyler Lydon (PF, Syracuse)

Tyler Lydon’s ability to shoot the ball should land him minutes in his rookie season. Lydon could provide a nice compliment to starting PF Derrick Favors, who can’t shoot from the perimeter. Lydon’s shooting and athleticism allows him to be a bench piece in his rookie season and more in the future.

#25-Orlando Magic Select D.J. Wilson (PF/C, Michigan)

At some point, teams will just have to take the best player available. D.J. Wilson would be a nice pickup for the Magic even if they don’t currently need him. He’s got good size (6’10”) and a good offensive game. He’s an all-around talent on offense which should get him some playing time in a crowded Orlando frontcourt. If not, Wilson could use some developing in the D-League, but he certainly has potential due to his size and skill.

#26- Portland Trail Blazers Select Anzejs Pacekniks (C, Latvia)

The probability of three rookies making an NBA roster is slim. While I expect the Trail Blazers to trade this pick, if they don’t then Anzejs Pacekniks wouldn’t be a bad draft-and-stash player. Pacekniks has great size (7’2″) and can run the floor very well. He likes to attack the basket as well. He still needs some polishing, but he has great upside and would be a great choice for Portland.

#27- Los Angeles Lakers Select Derrick Wilson (PG/SG, Colorado)

Ever since the Lakers traded D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young announced he will become a free agent, the Lakers are slim at guard. Derrick Wilson (6’5″) can come off the bench at both positions. He’s a long playmaker who can dish assists and has a respectable jumper.

#28- Los Angeles Lakers Select Jarrett Allen (C, Texas)

Jarrett Allen, while raw, is a monster. He has massive hands and a 7’6″ wingspan. If he drops to #28, the Lakers should definitely pick him. He probably can’t make an impact right away, but if he develops some skill around the basket, Allen could be a potential starter in a few years.

#29-San Antonio Spurs Select Frank Jackson (PG/SG, Duke)

With Tony Parker being close to done in the NBA, Frank Jackson would be a great pick to compliment Dejounte Murray. Jackson is a powerful athlete who can get to the rim, but he also can shoot the ball from deep. Jackson has thrived as a score-first SG, but his body projects him more as a Point Guard (6’3.5″). With the Spurs being so good at developing players, don’t be surprised if Jackson turns out to be a great player.

#30- Utah Jazz Select Jawun Evans (PG, Oklahoma State)

With George Hill entering free agency, the Jazz could use another Point Guard. Although a little undersized, Evans is a pest on defense and led his team in the NCAA tournament, where he had 23 points, 7 rebounds, and 12 assists versus Michigan. Evans has the competitive spirit that can’t be taught and wouldn’t be a bad pick for the Jazz.




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