76ers sign undrafted rookie Melo Trimble

Melo Trimble

Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

Melo Trimble decided to declare for this years draft after three years at the University of Maryland. He had a good chance to become a first-round pick after his freshman year, but decided to return to school. This year he declared for the draft hoping to just get drafted. Unfortunately, he he was not, but the Sixers pounced on him as soon as he became available.

When Trimble committed to Maryland, he was a top-50 recruit in the class of 2014. He came into a depleted Maryland program and brought them to three straight tournaments. He averaged 17.8 points per game and 3.8 assists per game during this past season. Trimble’s stock has been going downhill every since his freshmen season, but the 76ers are giving him a chance to prove himself.

Trimble’s best quality as a point guard is executing a pick and roll play. More than half of Trimble’s possessions as a sophomore came in the pick and roll- per Synergy Sports Technology. He’s very good at changing speeds and splitting bigger defenders when he gets a switch.

Another thing that Trimble brings to the NBA is his great passing skills, especially off of the pick and roll. When he draws the defense, he always knows the perfect time to make a kick out pass to the wing. Trimble is also very good a making drop off passes to his teammates for wide open layups.

Even though Trimble played outstanding for Maryland over the past three years, he still had his struggles. Although Trimble excels at getting to the rim he doesn’t always finish those opportunites. He only made 50% of his shots from the paint this past season- per Sports Synergy Sports. Trimble also struggles behind the three point line.

The 76ers are one of the best fits for Trimble mostly because of their need for guards. If Trimble impresses in Summer League he has a good shot at being a solid role player for the up and coming 76ers.


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