Phoenix Suns Draft Josh Jackson At #4

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With the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft, the Phoenix Suns selected Josh Jackson from the Kansas Jayhawks. There was speculation coming into the draft if Jackson would fall to four, so this is a perfect pick by the Suns organization.

Jackson should fit right in with Phoenix, with their fast paced play and make a huge impact defensively. In his freshman year on the Jayhawks, Jackson averaged 16.3 points, 7.4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks per game.

Josh Jackson was the best player available when the Suns were picking and should line up nicely next to Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker and Marquese Chriss. Going into this season, it will be worth monitoring whether or not TJ Warren will keep his starting position at Ssmall forward or if they feel comfortable with Jackson and throw him in the starting lineup right away. Most likely, Warren will start in the beggining of the season and less than halfway in, Jackson should be inserted into the lineup.

With the Suns in need of a wing, they took Jackson who they hope can be an amazing player for them one for years to come. Jakson is arguably the best defensive player in this years draft. Along with his terrific energy on the floor, he is freakishly athletic and a solid all around scorer. If Jackson is able to put the ball on the floor consistently and attack the basket, that will give the Suns a bevy of opportunities for Jackson to kick it out to open shooters.

The Phoenix Suns have a young core to build around Jackson, with Dragan Bender (19 years old), Marquese Chriss (19years old), TJ Warren (23 years old) and Tyler Ulis (21 years old). Jackson will have a lot of time to grow this year as Phoenix is not expected to be a playoff team, and that should give him a good chance at winning the Rookie Of The Year award this upcoming season.


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