Recapping the Brooklyn Nets Draft Night

Brooklyn Nets Draft

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After a night full of huge surprises and tons of suspense, the 2017 NBA Draft has finally ended. The Brooklyn Nets infamously traded away their first round pick to the Boston Celtics back in 2013 in the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett trade, but in that deal, they traded Boston the right to swap first round picks in the 2017 NBA Draft, this year’s draft.

For obvious reason the Celtics decided to swap picks with the Nets, giving the Celtics the 1st pick and the Nets the 22nd pick.

The Nets acquired the 27th pick in the draft from the Washington Wizards back at the trade deadline, in the deal that sent Bojan Bogdanovic to Washington.

Three days ago, the Nets sent that pick and Brook Lopez to the LA Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mosgov.

This left the Nets with only the 22nd and 57th picks. Here’s how the Nets used those picks.

Round 1 Pick 22: Jarrett Allen- C, Texas

Back in April, Draft Express had Jarrett Allen ranked as the No. 8 prospect in the NBA Draft pool. Before last night’s draft, they had him ranked as No. 16. By some miracle, Allen fell to the Nets at 22. After the D’Angelo Russell trade, Brooklyn did not have a dominant big man. So, they decided to pick Allen with hopes of him replacing Brook Lopez.

Allen is an extremely athletic center with a big frame and elite length. Allen lacks experience but will gain that as he progresses as a player.

One thing Allen excels at is taking smart shots. Allen knows what kind of player he is, he knows that he is a strong center who must stay in the paint and work for his points.

Allen realizes that he does not have a good jump shot yet and that’s why he doesn’t attempt outside shots.

While Allen doesn’t possess a good three point shot just yet, with coaching from Atkinson and more experience Allen will improve that aspect of his game and become a centerpiece in the Nets offense.

Jarrett Allen was also an elite rebounder for Texas last season. In about 32 minutes of play, Allen grabbed 8.5 rebounds per game.

Two needs the Nets have to address this offseason are rebounding and rim protection, Allen excels at both of those things.

While he may not be starter ready just yet if Kenny Atkinson develops Allen this entire year and gives him significant minutes Allen should be ready to take the tip for the Nets in the 2018-19 season.

Round 2 Pick 57: Alexander Vezenkov- F, Serbia

Not much is known about the Serbian forward, but what is known is that the Nets are planning on stashing him in Europe until he is ready to play, just like they did with Juan Pablo Vaulet back in 2015.

Alexander is a great shooter, which really fits into the fast “pace and space” offense of the Nets were good shooters are the key to success.

Vezenkov is really strong for a man of his height, standing at six feet nine inches, but weighing 225 lbs.

Veznekov’s strength in the paint paired with his shooting ability makes him a premier offensive weapon.

Obviously, Sean Marks and the rest of the front office see potential in Vezenkov but know that he is not close to being ready to compete at the NBA level.

Let’s hope Vezenkov can one day play in the NBA and that this wasn’t a waste of a second round pick.



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