Semi Ojeleye Drafted By Boston Celtics At #37

Semi Ojeleye

Michael Reaves – Getty Images

The Boston Celtics have taken their second-round draft pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, Semi Ojeleye. Standing tall at 6’7” and from the Southern Methodist University, the forward looks forward to his hopefully long career in a Boston uniform.

Now, we all expected Boston to go for a big man to score in the paint or stroke a bunch of 3-pointers, and Ojeleye is essentially both: he scored 19 points per game, but crushes it in the paint. Could he be the perfect pick?

With the possibility of a lineup dominated by not only Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, but that pair combined with Jayson Tatum, Paul George, and Kristaps Porzingis, Ojeleye would really have to amaze Brad Stevens to make bank with a lot of playing time. It does seem a tad daunting for the young forward, doesn’t it?  It does not seem as if Ojeleye would get a fair amount of playing time.

Then why is he a good pick for the Cs? There is a quite serious chance that Beantown will not get either all-star athlete (Georgeor Porzingis, Boston already drafted Tatum 3rd), so Ojeleye’s presence will most likely turn out to be more than necessary. Also, he was a very high scorer which is something Boston desperately requires in a big man position.

Granted, in the NBA, 6’7” is not gigantic, but they could still use him if they ship Jae Crowder out. There have been Crowder trade rumors for more than a year, and if they are serious about acquiring George, Ojeleye could have a shot at a starting spot alongside some of the best players in the league. If Ojeleye is put at the 3-spot on the court, then he is the most valuable pick the Cs could choose.

Tatum was clearly a fine choice, but Ojeleye is a far better steal. With his athleticism and shooting, Ojeleye can make an immediate impact for the Celtics.



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