Three Most Likely Clubs To Sign Kylian Mbappe This Transfer Window

Valery Hache – Getty Images

After playing just one season for French Club AS Monaco, big teams have lined up offers to buy Kylian Mbappe, who most people think is the next big thing.

Mbappe is a great team player and can create off the dribble. He likes to dribble and suck the defenders in before releasing his teammates and putting them in a great position to score.

Mbappe’s finishing is also very good. He can score of the volley, in the air, or 1 on 1 against the keeper. His shot to goal ratio is very impressive, which makes him an efficient player across the board.

Where will he land? We don’t know yet, but here are some potential locations for this next big superstar.

Real Madrid

Los Blancos have been the giants of European football for the past few years and have a good reputation when it comes to developing young players into stars. In the wake of reports that James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, and Cristiano Ronaldo‘s time at Madrid may be coming to a close, the club may be looking for a new playmaker to take the voids left by these players. Kylian Mbappe will give them just this.

How will Mbappe help Madrid

Mbappe will help Madrid by providing them with a playmaker who can make plays on and off the ball. He is an unselfish player who knows when to pass and when to shoot. He will set up teammates with great scoring opportunities, because of his ability to lure defenders in and release the ball.

Zidane has already phoned Mbappe to try to make him come to Madrid. If Ronaldo and/or Bale do leave, Mbappe will fit the roles that they left very well.


Among reports of Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil possibly leaving the club, Arsenal needs a playmaker out wide. Mbappe has scored his highest rating while playing out wide, which is exactly where Arsenal need him to play if Sanchez or Ozil leave.

How will Mbappe help Arsenal

Mbappe will give Arsenal a player out wide who is consistent and unselfish. One thing Arsenal struggled with last season was finishing. Mbappe’s finishing is phenomenal and will help Arsenal a lot.

Mbappe will also help Arsenal get more chances on goal. He also does not give in, which Arsenal players did a lot last year. He keeps fighting towards the end of the game which will help Arsenal become a better team.

Mbappe will help Arsenal become a threat to England and eventually Europe. If Sanchez and/or Ozil do leave, Mbappe will fill their roles well.

Paris Saint-Germain

As a move to Monaco’s French rival seems highly unlikely, there have been talks going on between Monaco and PSG for Mbappe.

How will Mbappe help PSG

Ever since Zlatan left PSG, the club has not scored as many goals as they once had. Even though Cavani led Ligue 1 in goals this past season, they still lost the title race to Monaco by 8 points.

Mbappe will help PSG score and create scoring chances. He is very good at crossing the ball and creating off the dribble. His finishing and playmaking ability will help PSG take the next step towards domination of French football and the right step towards domination of Europe.

In the end, we don’t know where Mbappe will go, but these three teams have emerged as front-runners to sign him if he decides to leave.


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