What are Cavaliers’ Options to Try and Beat Warriors?


Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

After the 2017 NBA Finals, it is pretty clear that the Golden State Warriors are dominating the NBA. Immediately after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Warriors, trade talks rose that involved either Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade, or Carmelo Anthony. Paul George and Jimmy Butler were of the highest demand, considering that they are both a few years younger than Wade and Anthony.

Since the trade talks rose, Jimmy Butler has been traded, so he is virtually off of the table. Paul George is also off of the table now considering that the Pacers are not interested in seriously increasing their payroll by taking in Love and another valuable Cavs player.

So now, the Cavaliers are reduced to trying to acquire the services of an aging star like Carmelo Anthony or Dwyane Wade. Conveniently for Cleveland, it looks as if both the Bulls and the Knicks are ready to fully rebuild. This is because Chicago just traded Jimmy Butler for prospects and the Knicks were ready to trade their best players for a top 4 pick.

So, yes, it is possible that Wade or Anthony will play for the Cavaliers next season. The next question is: would it be worth it?

For either Anthony or Wade to be acquired, Kevin Love would be a key part of that trade. The only other young player that is not vital to the Cavs’ success is Iman Shumpert. So a package that involves Shumpert and Love, and maybe a few picks, would have a combined salary of about 32 million dollars either Chicago or New York Would be taking in.

To match that 32 million dollars, Chicago would probably pair Wade and Nikola Mirotic, assuming he signs his qualifying offer. Chicago might do this, considering they give up an aging star on a one-year contract to get a decent young star on a multi-year deal along with a great defender in IIman Shumpert.

As far as a Carmelo Anthony deal goes, a pair of him and Kyle O’Quinn would meet the 32 million dollar requirement. A glaring issue in this deal is that Cleveland gives up a starter and rotation player for a starter and Kyle O’Quinn, who might not be a role player for the Cavs.

IIf Cleveland thinks either of these deals would help them, then more power to them. The Cavaliers just have to make the decision to stick with what they got, or rent an aging star for a year and get a better shot at a title.

Cleveland has to look at a trade to acquire talent, as they have overpaid a few players on long deals that do not end soon. Even if, and that is a strong “if”, Cleveland gets one of these deals done, they are still outmatched by a full strength Warriors team with 4 solid stars.


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