3 Contracts Signed During 2016-2017 Offseason That Made No Sense

Joakim Noah New York Knicks Worst Contracts

Mike Stobe-Getty Images

Joakim Noah

When Joakim Noah was signed to his hefty 72-million-dollar contract last offseason, it was quite obvious the New York Knicks didn’t factor in his injury history or his age in at all.

At 32, he made no difference on the Knicks defense, despite being signed for that exact reason. In the past, Noah has won multiple accolades for his defense, but it was obvious in recent years that overall has game has been declining. Not only was he awful defensively, but he didn’t make up for his horrendous defense on the offensive end. Noah only scored five points a game, while dishing out just two assists per game. Noah’s performance this past season is arguably worse than his first two seasons in the NBA, where he made $4.43 million dollars over two years.


Chandler Parsons

After losing a sixth straight time in the postseason, the Grizzlies were determined to sign a big-name in free agency. Sadly for the Grizzlies, they ended up not being able to sign the free agent they had in mind, which ultimately put them in panic mode. By that time, Parsons was the only viable option left, making him a near 100-million-dollar man.

The money he received was much more than he deserved, as in recent years he has been declining and has also been plagued with injuries. This year was no exception to the trend, as he only played 34 games and scored a career-low 6.2 points per game.


Timofey Mozgov

When Timofey Mozgov was signed to an expensive four-year contract worth $64-million last offseason, everybody was a bit skeptical of the move.

Mozgov has been nothing but mediocre over his nine-year career and last season was no different. Mozgov averaged just 7.4 points, 4.9 rebounds, and an abysmal 0.8 assists per game and at 30 years old, it was obvious he wouldn’t be getting any better. 


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