Russell Westbrook Named 2017 NBA MVP

(Evan Agostini / Invision / AP)

On Monday, June 26th, the first ever NBA Awards were held. There were multiple awards to be won, such as: Rookie Of The Year, Defensive Player Of The Year, Sixth Man Of The Year and Coach Of The Year, among others. But, by far the most prestigious and important award to be won was 2017 NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player).

The three nominees for the MVP Award were: Kawhi Leonard, James Harden and Russell Westbrook. It wasn’t much of a surprise when it was announced that the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook, won MVP.

After superstar Kevin Durant controversially left Oklahoma, Russell Westbrook took over and practically made the Thunder into a 1 man team. On the year, Westbrook lead the league with an average of 31.6 points per game, while averaging 10.7 rebounds per game and 10.4 assists per game.

These stats mean that Russell Westbrook is the first player to average a triple double during the season, since Oscar Robertson accomplished the feat 55 years ago. Westbrook also broke Robertson’s record of most triple doubles in a season, as Westbrook’s 42 triple doubles topped Robertson’s 41 triple doubles.

Russell Westbrook is a very athletic person and possesses a very physical and athletic style of play. He has a great shot from wherever he is on the court and always tries his hardest while playing. These aspects are what really helped Westbrook win the MVP Award.

However, some don’t like Westbrook. They claim he hogs the ball, steals rebounds from bigs and hunts for assists, just to improve his stats and get to his triple doubles.

But, whatever your opinions may be on Westbrook, you have to admire the incredible stats that he averaged this year, regardless of if you think a few of his stats and triple doubles were a bit cheap. The fact is, we may never see another player average a triple double on the season again. Because of his triple double record and incredible stats, Russell Westbrook definitely deserves 2017 NBA MVP.



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