NBA Summer League Preview: Dallas Mavericks

Brad Penner – USA Today Sports

After an influential 2017 NBA Draft has come to a screeching close, the NBA Summer League is just around the corner. The first set of games of the 2017 NBA Las Vegas Summer League begins July 7th. The Summer League occurs every year after the draft and lets teams create rosters made up of mostly young players with a few other bench warmers mixed in. This gives young players a chance to prove themselves, as their team’s staff learns more about their possible role players and future stars. The Dallas Mavericks released their roster recently for the Orlando Summer League.

Right off the bat, you will notice that Mavericks 9th overall pick Dennis Smith Jr. is not on the roster. We can speculate that Smith will still be showing up to play in Las Vegas, though. Another notable player that will be in Vegas is Yogi Ferrell. The two dynamic offensive guards will give Dallas an exciting touch heading into the league. Even Nicolas Brussino, an Argentine small forward that signed with Dallas last year, could be a big piece of this roster for Las Vegas.

Dennis Smith is bound to impress in this year’s summer league. His style of offensive basketball could really excel against weaker defenders. His explosiveness and overall offensive talent make him the most exciting player on Dallas come Vegas.

Yogi Ferrell is also a fun offensive weapon to pair Smith up with in the backcourt. These two could make wonders happen, and are really the players to watch from Dallas.

The Mavericks didn’t draft any other players, but Johnathan Motley should have been taken by somebody. After putting up 17.3 points and 9.9 rebounds per game for Baylor this NCAA season, Motley went undrafted after he was expected to go in multiple mock drafts. This is due to a knee injury he suffered during March Madness, but he is getting his chance to prove himself with Dallas.

Also, Ding Yanyuhaung makes an appearance on the roster. The Chinese forward actually won the MVP of the China Basketball Association this year. He and 7’2” Satnam Singh round off a solid Mavericks roster that has a powerful starting lineup but still lacks in depth.

Keith Hornsby makes an appearance on the roster as well. He was waived from the team’s training camp back in 2016 but now has a chance to redeem himself. He also has never played in the NBA and has low hopes of making the squad

Overall, the Mavericks have a solid roster heading into Las Vegas. They have some exciting young guards that could burst onto the scene through this league. They also could add some more talent to the roster that won’t be in Orlando. Interesting selections like Motley and Yanyuhaung will definitely be worth keeping your eye on. With Johnathan dropping from a possible first round selection to going undrafted because of injury and Ding winning an MVP overseas, something could spark with any of these guys in Dallas.


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