Portugal vs Chile Confederations Cup Semifinal Review

Darren Staples – Reuters

Portugal and Chile, two world-class soccer teams, squared off today in Kazan, Russia. Two teams came in, but only one came out victorious.

What Portugal Did Right

Portugal was right up in grills of the Chilean midfielders grill for most of the game and stopped a lot of thrown balls. They kept possession of the ball very well and did not rush the attack. They waited for the right opportunity to shoot. The wing players did a very good job of getting balls into the box.

What Portugal Did Wrong

When Chile put crosses into the box, the defenders and midfielders did a bad job of marking Chilean Players. This gave them way too many chances to score. When Chile was shooting the ball, the Portuguese defenders did a bad job of closing out the shooter. This led to wide open shots which Chile could have scored off of. Portugal did a horrendous job of finishing in front of goal. They either skied the shot or missed a 1 on 1 with the keeper. One example is when Ronaldo played a beautiful ball with his left foot and Silva missed an easy one.

Portugal Grades

Goalkeeper: A, Rui Patricio made great saves in regulation, but he couldn’t save one in penalty kicks.

Defenders: C+, Lost Chile attackers on crosses, let the Chilean attackers get behind them, and made harsh and stupid tackles. However, they won the ball in the air a lot which was good.

Midfield: B, They did a good job of switching the point of attack and getting crosses in. The midfielders missed a lot of shots, though.

Attacker: B-, Did a bad job of finishing, and could not win a header off the cross. Attackers put in good crosses.

What Chile Did Right

Chilean defenders did a great job winning the ball off Portuguese crosses. Chilean defenders also did a great job stopping crosses from the by-line. Chile midfielders did a great job adjusting to Portugal’s high-pressuring, midfield which allowed them to get some connect through balls. Chile also did a great job of creating chances, whether it was a cross or from a through ball.

What Chile Did Wrong

Chile let Portugal possess the ball in their half for to long. Chile missed quality chances on goal. Chile stabbed to much, which gave Portugal chances on goal.

Chile Grades

Goalkeeper: A, Claudio Bravo made two great saves during regulation and three straight saves during the penalty shootout.

Defense: B-, While they kept Portugal scoreless, they gave Portugal a lot of chances on goal.

Midfield: B+, They adapted well to Portugal’s high pressure. They switched the point of attack beautiful and found gaps in the defense. They let Portugal possess the ball too much in there half

Attackers: B, They did a good job of finding gaps and losing the defense on crosses. They just didn’t finish chances.

My Prediction

2-1 win for Portugal. I predicted this score because I felt like Portugal’s attack would be too much for Chile’s defense.

Actual Score

Portugal 0(0)-0(3) Chile






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