Top Restricted Free Agents Who Might Not Get Their Offer Sheets Matched


Ron Hoskins/Getty Images

In just a few hours, teams will be scrambling for free agents to quickly grab right at 12 AM. But, with Restricted Free Agents (RFA), they will have to wait a maximum of three days after signing an offer sheet from another team, so their team they last played for can have the opportunity to match it. With many teams going after big-named stars to try and compete with Golden State, there will be plenty of RFA’s that will not get their offer sheets matched.

1. Mason Plumlee (C, Denver Nuggets)

Before Plumlee was shipped to Denver, Mason Plumlee was a proven starting center who averaged 11 points and 8 rebounds per game for Portland in only 28 minutes per game. Plumlee’s stats and minutes declined after being traded to Denver because he was playing behind Nikola Jokic. In Portland, Plumlee averaged 4 assists per game, and he is known to be a great passer, which is a plus in the modern-day NBA.

Plumlee is a great athlete and has nice touch around the basket. And every season, Plumlee has improved his numbers, which is a great sign for teams that are interested. Plumlee has always played in crowded frontcourts, so his numbers should be better as he gets more playing time.

With Denver reportetly going after free agents such as Paul Millsap and Jrue Holliday, plus having to re-sign Danillo Gallinari, the Nuggets won’t have enough cap space to re-sign Plumlee. And, Plumlee should get a big deal due to his passing, athleticism, touch, and proven development.

2. Otto Porter Jr. (SF, Washington Wizards)

After another dissapointing season for the Wizards, they have some very tough decisions to make this offseason, which includes what to do with Otto Porter. At only 23, Porter averaged 13 points per game this season and will likely get a max contract this offseason. The Wizards have 77 million dollars commited to just 5 players (Wall, Beal, Mahinmi, Gortat, and Morris), and with reports that the Wizards are trying to get Paul George, it doesn’t seem like the Wizards will hold on to Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. shot a career high 43% from three last season, but other than that, his stats don’t seem like he’s worth a max deal. But, many teams will bank on his potential, for he’s only 23 years old. But, with John Wall and Bradley Beal in their primes, the Wizards might want to help them more, and they might not have the time for Porter to finish developing. With Paul George rumors heating up, don’t be surprised if a sign-and-trade occurs and Porter Jr. finds himself in Indiana.

3. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (SG, Detroit Pistons)

Many expected Caldwell-Pope to have a breakout season with Detroit last season, but that didn’t happen as he only averaged 13.8 PPG. And, with the #12 overall pick, the Pistons selected SG Luke Kennard. With Brooklyn reportedly ready to hand Caldwell-Pope a big deal, it’s unsure whether the Pistons will match the offer sheet. At only age 24, it’s dissapointing to see him do worse this season than last season, but he still has a lot of growing left to do.

Caldwell-Pope might be a nice player going forward for the Pistons, but Pistons fans wouldn’t be happy if he they signed him to a max deal after shooting 40% from two and 35% from three, and after drafting SG Luke Kennard from Duke. With Caldwell-Pope expected to get some big offers, it might be best for the Pistons to part ways with him.

4. Andre Roberson (SG, Oklahoma City Thunder)

After Russell Westbrook had a historic season and the Thunder got knocked out in the first round, the Thunder will be looking to give Russell Westbrook more help this offseason. And with the selection of shooting guard Terrance Ferguson, it’s unlikely that the Thunder will want to match an offer sheet for Roberson.

Although Roberson has never been a great offensive player, he’s always been an amazing defensive player. He was placed on the second team All-Defense, but he probably should have been on the first team. Roberson is still young and has shown a jump shot at times. There will be teams out there that will be willing to give Roberson money based off of his defense. Roberson is about to enter his prime, and if he can develop a jump shot, he will be worth the money that a team throws at him.




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