J.J. Redick Signs 1-Year, $23-Million-Dollar Deal With 76ers


J.J. Redick Philadelphia 76ers Free Agent

David Zalubowski-Associated Press

Free agent guard J.J. Redick has reached a verbal agreement for a 1-year, $23-million contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. Redick met with the 76ers early this morning, and his signing was announced this afternoon. This move continues a crazy offseason for the 76ers as they recenlty traded for the #1 overall pick, and selected Markelle Fultz.

This signing is the next move in the Sixers’ process. There were rumors before free agency started that Redick would be interested in signing with the 76ers. Redick is an interesting fit for the 76ers. He fits right into what they are building with their young players. He provides the veteran presence that the 76ers have been in dire need of.

Redick has a 3-point percentage of 41.5% throughout his whole career. Last season, Redick shot 42.9% from the 3 and averaged 15 points per game. Redick has made the 16th most three pointers out of all active NBA players. Redick also has the 14th best 3-point % of all time.

Based on Redick’s reaction, he seems excited to get to work with these young, and talented players.

Here’s the projected lineup for the 76ers next season with the addition of J.J. Redick.

PG: Markelle Fultz

SG: J.J. Redick

SF: Robert Covington

PF: Ben SImmons

C: Joel Embiid

6th man: Dario Saric

This is starting to look like a team that can finally break through and make the playoffs. Redick goes as a perfect complement for 76ers rookie Ben Simmons. Simmons is known for his creative passes, but lacks the shooting. Redick is known for shooting, but not as much creating. Add those two together, combined with Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz, this is looking like a squad finally built for success.

As ESPN’s Zach Lowe mentions above, the 76ers are not done yet. They still have more cap space then most of the NBA. The key for the 76ers now is extending Robert Covington, who will become an unrestricted free agent next offseason shall he not be extended.

This marks an exciting time for all 76ers fans. We all remember the dog days, of watching Tony Wroten and Henry Sims on a daily basis, watching this 76ers team go 10-72, hanging on to Sam Hinkie’s process. This day is for all those Sixers fans.

The process is finally paying off.


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