Will Evander Kane be a Sabre for 2017-18 Season?

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Evander Kane currently plays for the Buffalo Sabres. But, will he start off the season in the blue and gold?  Kane scored 28 goals and had 15 assists last season, which are not bad stats. So, why would the Sabres trade him?

Evander Kane will be hard to trade because he has off the ice problems, which teams do not want to deal with.  The Sabres have to pay Jack Eichel some money, who is the face of the franchise. They also have to pay forward Sam Reinhart. The Sabres cap issue is a big reason why the Sabres might be trying to trade Kane.

Why the Sabres will keep him

The Sabres just made a trade yesterday with the Minnesota Wild, which involved Tyler Ennis(F), Marcus Foligno(F), and a third round pick in 2018 going to the Wild. The Sabres got former captain Jason Pominville(F), Marco Scandella(D), and a fourth round pick in 2018. Why does this trade affect Kane getting traded?  It affects Kane because the Sabres biggest hole is defense and they just got in this trade Marco Scandella, who will be a top 4 defenseman for the Sabres this year. The Sabres most likely were trying to package Kane in a deal to get a defender but, since his offseason problems make his trade value low and this trade happening, I don’t see a reason why the Sabres will trade Evander Kane now.


The Buffalo Sabres were pushing hard for free agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. If the Buffalo Sabres never made the trade yesterday and ended up signing Kevin Shattenkirk, Evander Kane would have been most likely gone before this season started because of the cap space issue. So, I do expect to see Evander Kane in the blue and gold to start the season after the trade yesterday.


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