Cincinnati To Baseball: “Just Wait ‘Til Next Year!”

(Aaron Doster / USA Today Sports)

From Garrett to Bronson to Tim Adleman,

The Cincy team’s pitching has lost it again,

Votto and Schebler and Duvall’s bats,

Can hit as they please, but each game ends the same: “Rats!”

Billy just stumbles,

He can’t get a hit,

Though the crowd rumbles,

It’s just grumbles for the team looks like s**t!

Team Israel’s Scott Feldman has been good for the game,

But on any good team, that’s the fourth starter’s name,

Cozart will leave, then what have we got?

A team that will win? No, a team that will not!

So, what further hope does the Queen City have?

It’s tough to say, for the Reds are on “Loser’s Ave,”

But as Brooklyn Dodgers’ fans hoped for a trophy to be in the future, near,

Reds fans can say: “Just wait ‘til next year!”

It’s true, the Cincinnati Reds have taken a dark downhill turn since early, last month and have descended to last place in the National League Central Division. So, what hope do the Reds have to break their, by the end of this season, 27-yearlong drought? To quote the Brooklyn Dodgers’ fans of the days of old: “Just wait ‘til next year!”

Why will 2018 turn out better for the Redlegs? For one, Jesse Winker will be ready to play, and that, alone could win them the NL Central. He wasn’t ready earlier this year when he only hit .273 in four games in the majors, but he’s hitting .306 back in the minors for the Triple-A Reds’ affiliate the Louisville Bats.

Why is Winker such a bright light for Cincy? Well, Scott Schebler’s contract is up at the end of the 2017 season and the Reds will need an outfielder, assuming either Schebler leaves and they need a third or he stays and they need a fourth. Winker’s bat combined with Adam Duvall’s bat and Billy Hamilton’s glove and speed could be the X Factor that brings this Cincy outfield together.

Now, what needs to be addressed: the pitching. What hope is there for Cincinnati pitching? There, you might have a problem.

Luis Castillo is the answer to that: his Minor League Earned Run Average was 2.58 and in his two Major League starts, he’s done exceptionally well. With no losses, his ERA stands strong at 3.38. This starter looks like the piece to start completing that starting rotation puzzle.

Sal Romano is another great prospect that the Reds need to utilize more. Granted, back in April. Romano lost his only Major League start, pitching only three innings and giving up three runs (two earned), but he was facing the first place in the NL Central Milwaukee Brewers. Back in the Minors he had a wonderful 3.06 ERA, and that’s something valuable for the team.

Add Castillo and Romano, work with Amir Garrett, and maintain the abilities of Tim Adleman and Scott Feldman, and you’ve got yourself a strong starting rotation. Bring Winker back up and your bats are gonna soar more than they already do (the team’s batting a fantastic .260, with 114 home runs, and a league-leading 69 stolen bases, 33 of which belong to Hamilton). Granted, the prospects won’t help for 2017, it’s too late to save this dying season, but once they’re on the 2018 Major League roster, you can expect another Cincinnati playoff bout, so once again: “Just wait ‘til next year!”



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