3 Worst NBA Free Agent Signings So Far This Offseason

Blake Griffin Free Agent Los Angeles Clippers

Lynne Sladky-Associated Press

Every year, there seems to be a few contracts signed that force everyone to scratch their heads a little. Last year, it was huge contracts given to Joakim Noah and Chandler Parsons. While we haven’t seen something that outlandish this year, there are a few contracts that seem to do way more harm than good. Here we will rank the three worst signings, with number 1 being the worst.

3. Mills remains a Spur

Patty Mills signed a 4-year, 50-million-dollar deal to stay with the San Antonio Spurs. This is an unexpected signing as San Antonio was expected to pursue a big name point guard like Kyle Lowry. What makes this an inadvisable trade is that although Mills is talented, one would expect 12.5-million-dollars a year to go towards re-signing a position of bigger need, as Tony Parker is still a good player and Dejounte Murray is developing.

The reason that this is not higher on the list is because the Spurs are still title contenders. This does not restrict them from playing meaningful games in June 2018. It is fair to say Mills has reached his potential, and it is hard to say that he is worth a guaranteed 50-million-dollars.

2. Los Angeles Clippers re-sign Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin decided to re-sign with the Clippers for a 5-year, 173-million-dollar deal. There is no option for either side for the final year of the deal. The Clippers find themselves in a tough spot as of right now. They will be a fringe playoff team for years to come because they did not decide to fully go at a rebuild. They will regret giving Griffin a third of their cap space for a while because they now have no reliable way to improve and still contend.

Because Griffin now occupies a huge part of their payroll, the Clippers won’t be getting better anytime soon. Even though most of the reasons this is a bad signing are linked to it hurting the Clippers’ payroll, it is also worth mentioning that Griffin is probably not worth 173-million-dollars.

1. Felicio makes bank and stays in Chicago

Cristiano Felicio got a 4-year, 32-million-dollar contract to remain a Bull. Yes, he is probably the worst big man on the Bulls. He also averaged a mediocre 15.8 minutes per game, with 4.8 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. Those stats are not the stats of a 32-million-dollar man.

In terms of what is special about Felicio, there is a whole lot of nothing. He has nothing that sets him apart like great post defense or an outside shooting game. That makes this easily the worst signing so far this offseason. Three years from now, Bulls fans will try to remember why Felicio will be accounting for 8.8-million-dollars that year.

What will take the top spot?

There are recent reports that the Sacramento Kings and Brooklyn Nets are both ready to offer restricted free agent Otto Porter Jr. a maximum contract. Since the Washington Wizards have his bird rights, they would be able to match either one of these offers. Whoever ends up paying Porter 30-million-dollars per year will regret it almost immediately.


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