Amidst Rebuild, Bulls Release Rajon Rondo

Gary Dineen/Getty Images

To prevent giving a 13 million dollar payday to Rajon Rondo, the team decided to waive him after a single season with the organization, leaving just Dwyane Wade out of the “Three Alphas” on this Bulls team.

Had the Bulls surpassed the July 1st deadline, Rondo would have been guaranteed the full thirteen million dollars. Though the Bulls don’t completely get out of the deal, as they still owe Rondo three million dollars, so this was a good move on their part.

The release of Rondo now allows the younger players such as Kris Dunn, Jerian Grant, and Cameron Payne to get much more playing time. Keeping Rondo would only have stunted the player’s growth.

The release of Rondo should come as no surprise as ever since the Jimmy Butler trade, the talk of the NBA was that if Chicago could not find a trade for Rondo they would waive him.

Rondo’s single season with the Bulls was very unpredictable. One moment Rondo would be feuding with coaches and players and the next he would be an integral part of the team. Rondo’s best moments came in the postseason where he led the Bulls team to a 2-0 series lead, before getting injured against none other than the Boston Celtics.

Though Rondo hasn’t been the same guy he was on the Celtics, he could still end up being a valuable piece to almost any team. Expect Rondo to snatched up in the coming days.

Not only was Rondo waived, but backup Isaiah Canaan was released alongside him.

Like Rondo, the main reason he was released was to get the younger guys some more playing time. The Bulls were Cannan’s third team in five years. Now with free agency approaching, expect Canaan to be on his fourth team in just five seasons.


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