Sacramento Kings Offering Otto Porter Jr. Max Deal, Will Wizards Match It?

The Sacramento Kings intend to give Washington Wizards restricted free agent small forward Otto Porter a four-year max offer, estimated to be worth $106 million when the NBA lifts the league spread moratorium on July 7th, according to Marc J Spears of ESPN.

If Porter signs the offer sheet on July 7th, the Wizards have two days to decide whether they want to match the offer. As of now, it is unclear whether the Wizards will or not. One thing is certain though, Porter will receive the paycheck he wants.

Why The Wizards Won’t Match it

  • With multiple players on the roster taking big cap hits, adding Porters contract to the mix will severely affect Washington’s cap situation moving forward. Porter’s payday is very risky, but it may turn out to help in the long run.
  • The Wizards are just one of three NBA teams that have never paid the luxury tax. However, if the Wizards want to match the offer, the Wizards would become a tax paying team.
  • John Wall’s extension is Washington’s number one priority. 

Why The Wizards Will Match It

  • Porter hasn’t gone a year without an obvious improvement. In all likelihood, that trend is going to continue.
  • Porter is emerging as one of the most consistent three-point shooters in the league. This is a highly valued trait in today’s NBA. 
  • Porter fits well with ball dominant players such as John Wall and Bradley Beal.
  • Porter is only twenty-four years old and has a lot of time to improve.
  • Porter is the best realistic small forward option left for the Wizards.

By this time next week, Otto Porter could end up being the highest paid player on this Wizards roster. But for now, we are just going to have to wait and see what happens.


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