The Fan Vote Needs To Go Until The All Star Game Changes

(Caylor Arnold / USA TODAY Sports)

Halfway through the season, Major League Baseball has the much beloved All-Star Game. The game weighs much more than fans may think, as it determines home field advantage for the most important series in two teams seasons. Many times there is a time when leading up to the game, the votes go towards the most popular players, not the best players.

For a time the fan voting worked, but that time has since passed on. As technology has increased, it has also made it easier for fans to take advantage of the system. Whether fans create spam emails to cause their favorite players to represent. There have been times when the MLB’s fan voting systems have completely failed at their purpose. Remember in 2015 when between 60 and 65 million fans votes were deleted because the MLB thought that the votes were fraudulent. Not to mention that every year the MLB voids millions of fan votes according to Cliff Corcoran.

Usually, there are also the times when players who play for a smaller market team are forgotten for players that are on a bigger market team. Every year there is also a player who plays for an average to below average team that is either snubbed from starting or from being a reserve.

Let us not forget that in the past few years when Royals fans along with Cubs fans dominated the ballots. The fans did not consider what may happen in the future electing to focus on having their team represent. Because of this the Cub’s who had an infamous 108-year drought was not able to win on their home Wrigley Field but instead on the road at Progressive Field. If fans had listened to Price, the National League potentially may have had a higher chance of winning the All-Star Game.

I was able to have a few questions with a former major league and current minor league player Jermaine Curtis, who was voted into the Triple-A All-Star Game. When asked whether he preferred fan vote or managerial vote and if fan vote was fair. He said, “I prefer both fan vote and managers votes. The fan vote is awesome because it gets the fan engaged in our sport and that’s what it’s about – the fans. That’s what our game is about entertaining the fans. On the other side, I like that managers get to choose players too because there are some players that are having great seasons that aren’t as profiled as other.” Curtis does have a fair point though, the game interests the fan. Fans would not be as interested in the game if players chose who represents. At the same time though, this game means too much later on in October for the fans to decide.

Due to these fans players from teams like the Royals and Cubs most recently have had players start in games where they have taken away opportunities for players that were having more deserving seasons. Understand that almost every year fans take over the votes and snub someone because they want their beloved players to start.

As time has passed on by many MLB fans have showcased that they are not capable of choosing an All-Star team, as they constantly choose the popular name. This would not matter though if the MLB found a way to change what the game means. Fan voting would not matter if the World Series home field advantage was not decided by this one game. As long as the MLB has the All-Star Game decide what it does fan vote needs to go for a vote made by the players.


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