Cleveland Indians are Making Moves

(Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

The Cleveland Indians are starting to wake up from their slump, and they’re proving that primarily with their record on the road. They are currently tied for second place with the Washington Nationals and the Colorado Rockies for most away games won (26). The only team ahead of them is the Houston Astros in 29 games.

As previous World Championship contenders, fans set high expectations headed into the season that were not exactly met by the squad until now. Since June 15th, they’ve gone 13-6 which is very healthy and impressive. However, their entire season record is 44-37 which is just mediocre. To seal a good seed in the playoffs, they’re going to want to add a few more numbers to the winning side, and they’re shaping up to do just that. With the All-Star week steadily approaching, the Indians will be represented by a few of their valuable assets: Francisco Lindor at Short Stop, Jose Ramirez at Third Base, and Corey Kluber as Starting Pitcher. For every professional sport, teams are always affected by the All-Star week, (either positively or negatively) and so it will be interesting to see how the Indians play after their stars return.

It’s awfully hard to hypothesize how this team’s season ends, but it is clear that they are heating up. In the last 7 games alone, they’ve scored 45 runs. But, in the meantime, they’ve also allowed 27 runs. The key for Cleveland to continue their current trajectory through the rest of the season, and ultimately the playoffs would be by improving their defense. More often than not you have to blame the infield for mistakes made, but in this occurrence, the problem in Cleveland is their outfielders lack in both fielding and batting. Fixing this small flaw would be a life saver for the Cleveland Indians, a potential World Series Championship team.


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