Ball Family Get Their Own Reality TV Show

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

If you know basketball, then you know the Ball family. The Ball family is a family known to produce basketball players. Probably the most known and considered by some to be the best Ball brother is Lonzo Ball.  He was the 2nd overall pick in this years NBA draft, and now he is a rookie for the LA Lakers. He is considered by NBA players to be the next big thing, and veteran Jamal Crawford even wanted to go play with the Lakers because of Lonzo Ball.


Moving on to the next Ball brother, Liangelo Ball, who is the middle child. He lead the state of California in scoring for high school basketball players. Liangelo is probably the most overlooked brother of them all, and he isn’t expected to do much in college. Even some don’t even expect him to make it to the NBA. Liangelo, after having a great year in high school, has decided to take his talents to UCLA.

This leads us to the last Ball brother, Lamelo Ball. Lamelo Ball is known for a lot of things, and the first one is his 92 point game. Lamelo Ball, in his high school game, somehow managed to score 92 points. The performance sparked interest from tons of basketball fans. Even some NBA players, one of them was Steph Curry, was impressed with his performance.  Lamelo is viewed as cocky by some and is viewed as a future star by others. He is also known for his half court shot where he pointed to the logo shot it from there and made it.


So finally, we see the main man of the Ball family, Lavar Ball. Lavar is the dad of the family, and is know for over hyping his son. On draft night, the day Lonzo was being drafted he said, “Lonzo will carry the Lakers to the playoffs.” He is hated by many people, including 76ers star Joel Embiid. Joel Embiid in a live video has said “F**k Lavar Ball”, and there is an ongoing feud between the two. What Lavar Ball is most know for is making publicity for his sons with all the things he’s said he’s on the sports news outlets almost everyday. Lonzo is very popular thanks to his dad’s mouth. Lavar created so much publicity he decided to make a family brand. The brand is called Big Baller Brand. The brand has made tons of money and is selling Lonzo’s signature shoes for $500.

Since the Ball family has sparked so much interest, the family will be getting its own reality TV show. The show will be on Facebook. People might be wondering, why Facebook? Well nobody really knows as of now. Facebook is looking to expand and become even more popular. The Ball family is the perfect target as they are very popular and more young people will want to use their site. So in conclusion, the popular Ball family will be even more popular and might even become something like the Kardashians.


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