Avery Bradley Traded To Detroit Pistons For Marcus Morris

Brian Babineau/Getty Images

Nearly all NBA fans were shocked Friday morning when the Boston Celtics traded arguably the best two-way shooting guard, Avery Bradley, to the Detroit Pistons for an average forward, Marcus Morris. There are lots of questions about this trade and it is widely regarded as a horrible deal for the Celtics.

Avery Bradley, while only a 6″2′ shooting guard, is an a very good defender while boasting a very good offensive game. Avery Bradley proved how good his defensive game is, being named to the 2016 NBA All-Defensive 1st Team. He also has a good game offensively, as he averaged 16.3 points per game, 6.1 rebounds per game and 2.2 assists per game last season.

Marcus Morris stands at 6″9′ and is a very average forward. His defensive game is nothing spectacular, but it isn’t terrible either. His offensive game is very average, as Marcus Morris averaged 14.0 points per game, 2.0 assists per game, and 4.6 rebounds per game last season.

Based off these stats, the Boston Celtics’ current needs and Bradley’s defensive game, questions are being asked on why Boston went though with a deal where they were clearly the losers. Boston were in need of a true power forward. Since Amir Johnson left to the Philadelphia 76ers, they have a gap to fill.

Jae Crowder, Gordon Hayward, or Jayson Tatum could potentially play power forward, but it’s not likely as they are all small forwards. It seemed like the best move for Boston would be to trade Jae Crowder for a power forward. They did get a power forward in Marcus Morris, but now have a huge gap to fill at shooting guard.

Marcus Smart could possibly play shooting guard, but he is more of a point guard. They could possibly move one of their small forwards to shooting guard, but that might not work out. The point is that, the Celtics had a somewhat minor gap at the power forward position, now while they may have filled that gap, they are now left with an even bigger gap at shooting guard.

Meanwhile, this deal is an absolute steal for the Pistons. They got the arguably best two-way shooting guard in the league for a very average player.



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