Gold Cup Preview: Curacao

Gregory Bull/Associated Press

Curacao are in their first ever Gold Cup after winning the Caribbean Cup this year. Since the new boys are in the tournament, they will look for a major upset even though they are a tiny Caribbean island.

With how much experience the squad has, it is a major achievement for a country like Curacao to complete against the best teams in CONCACAF. When Curacao begins their Gold Cup campaign against Jamaica on July 9th, it is a guarantee Curacao fans will be rallying their team to victory.

According to their squad, many Curacao players play in the Netherlands. That is largely due to the country being a constituent part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

One of those players is goalkeeper Eloy Room. The 28-year-old will be a key player in Curacao’s squad as he has proven to be a really good goalkeeper with Vitesse.

Another big part of Curacao’s squad is Right Back and Captain Cuco Martina. The former Southampton player has been decent in Europe as he will be the heart and soul of Curacao in this tournament.

Leandro Bacuna will also be a huge part to the squad. While he played in arguably the best league in the world, the Premier League, Bacuna will be used to competing against high level teams.

Heading into this tournament, Curacao will have a hard time scoring goals. The highest goalscorer on the team is forward Felitciano Zuchusschen with nine goals.

That’s really bad adding the fact he is the all-time leading goalscorer and he plays in the fourth tier of the German football system. The next highest goalscorer currently on their squad is forward Gino van Kessel with seven. If Curacao wants a fighting chance to advance to the knockout rounds, they need more goal-scoring production.

Prediction:  In a very hard Group C, Curacao will finish fourth. They will lose all three of their games to El Salvador, Mexico and Jamaica.


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