Getting the Philadelphia Eagles To The Super Bowl

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz

It was February 6th, 2005 at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the all time greats such as Brian Dawkins, Donovan Mcnabb, and Brian Westbrook being the biggest 3 names were preparing for a matchup with the New England Patriots in which the Patriots were favored to win by 7. Of course we all know the story of why the Eagles have no rings. A lot of people do not realise just how close they were to getting one.

Despite having four turnovers, the Eagles actually matched the Patriots in every quarter up until the fourth. The Eagles were within 3 points, just one field goal decided the entire fate of the game.
Now for the interesting part. The Eagles could be returning to the Super Bowl sooner than later with more fight than before. With the right combination of star power, young talent, and confident veteran leaders this team could be making a trip within the next couple of years.

At QB, the Eagles have the young stud Carson Wentz. While Carson did struggle through a majority of the season he finished the season very strong, and has improved on his mechanics. Let’s be honest he did not have the best supporting cast last season. With the addition of Pro Bowl talented Wideouts and a continuously improving Offensive Line, do not be surprised when Carson outshines Dak this year.

The RB situation is not quite as bright. The Eagles seem to be having a running back by committee going into this season. With the addition of power back Legarrette Blount it seems inevitable that Ryan Mathews will be released or traded when healthy.

Darren Sproles is however one of the best special teams players in the league, and for his small size can even do some power running himself. Sproles will be somebody the Eagles look to as a reliable pass catcher out of the back field, and to help the young guys such as Wendell Smallwood, and Donnel Pumphrey (very similar to Sproles in terms of size and ability) and turn them into a great pair of backs.

Pumphrey has been looked at as Sprole replacement as Darren has considered retiring, and has now said that he would like to “wait until we make the playoffs this year” before making his decision. I have to say I absolutely love the amount of confidence radiating from the players, and staff in Philadelphia.
WR even seems to be a bright spot now for the Eagles. With the additions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith Jordan Matthews will be allowed to stay in the slot where he plays at a very high level.

In addition to them Nelson Agholor is looking to join a group with Jordy Nelson of players to have a terrible first 2 seasons and spring into pro bowler status. Agholor has come into training camp looking better than he has at any point in his life.

With his amount of drops being almost zero. He has shown up to OTA’s looking more explosive and very confident in himself. For the past 2 years his confidence seemed to be very low. He was even benched for a game to get his head right.

I believe that he has finally gotten his head into a good place where he will be able to thrive. The only question is will he get the touches? You can’t forget he is also battling with Zach Ertz and Trey Burton as well as the other WR’s for targets on the field. All that is certain is Agholor is ready to take the next step.

The Eagles offensive line is looking to be top 5 in the league with strong veterans such as Jason Peters and Lane Johnson as well as some young talent from Seumalo and the one known as Big V, to go along with the rest of a very strong and deep group.

On the defensive side of the ball things are continuing to look better, and better. The defensive line is made up of many very talented players, and with the Eagles rotation of D Line so often they should be able to keep a consistent pass rush and stay fresh. With rookie Derek Barnett looking very good during OTA’s he could be the rusher on the opposite end of Brandon Graham.

While the inside is anchored by Big Fletch, and Timmy Jernigan. The defensive line of the eagles could be the most talented, and deep in the league.

The positives do not stop there either at linebacker the Eagles have the talent of Jordan “Simba” Hicks. Jordan is someone that I watched play at Texas, and knew the second he was drafted in the third round he was a steal. So far he has done nothing but prove me right.

While Mychal has a questionable position on the team he is a huge talent and a solid vet. Najee Goode held opposing TEs such as the likes of Jordan Reed to be one of the best coverage linebackers in the league. Safety converted Linebacker Nate Gerry has reportedly made a very smooth transition. The Eagles front 7 just may be the best in the NFL.

The secondary. Now here is the thing. Nobody knows what to expect this year. The Eagles are obviously playing the long game by drafting Sydney Jones (who I like more and more the more I hear about.) They also drafted Rasul Douglas. Former draft pick Jalen Mills might have been the biggest steal in the draft last year as he came in as a seventh round pick and locked up some of the league’s best allowing 0 touchdowns to guys such as Jordy Nelson, Julio Jones, and more.

The safety is a sure position as Malcolm Jenkins and the “Iron Man” Rodney Mcleod lock up those 2 spots with talent that could soon become a duo known around the world.

The Eagles have an astonishing amount of young talent put together with depth, and Pro Bowl veterans. If Howie Roseman and the Eagles organization continue to build like they have this organization could be the next “dynasty franchise”.


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