Miami Heat’s Championship Culture


Heat at Wizards 11/19/16

If any parent or coach wants to show someone how the game of basketball is played with heart then you show the Miami Heat. This season the Miami Heat went into the midway point with a record of 11-30.

The season seemed lost. Justise Winslow was out for the season the only star power was Hassan Whiteside, and Goran Dragic. They had 2 options. They could tank get a top pick and go get a high lottery pick, or they can fight and try to scrap back into the playoffs. That is exactly what they did.

This team had guys such as Dion Waiters emerge to stardom knocking off teams such as the Cavaliers, and Golden State Warriors. By the time we got to the home stretch of the season the Heat had become contenders in the playoff chase, and were one of the best drive-and-kick teams in the league. The Heat were fighting, and playing tough scrappy basketball for every point, and win they could get.

Wayne Ellington all the sudden was one of the top 3 point shooters out there. Dion Waiters was all the sudden a superstar when he could avoid injury. If there was a loose ball you could guarantee that someone wearing a Miami Heat jersey was fighting or diving for it.

James Johnson was a player who had struggled throughout his career. He came into Miami and the culture there morphed him into a player in the talks for most improved player. The Heat have young talent at the guard position with Tyler Johnson, and Josh Richardson.

The Miami Heat have a history of success, and one of the greatest coaches ever in Erik Spoelstra, and the culture that could turn any player into a solid piece of the team.

Adding Justise Winslow who his rookie year was one of the best defensive players in the league, and hopefully staying healthy along with a big name free agent could be enough to turn this team into a real championship contender.


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