Tigers Score Three Prospects in Baseball America’s Top 100 List



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A few days ago Baseball America released their top 100 midseason rankings. Three Tigers pitching prospects found their way on the ranking at spot 53, 79, and 80. The three prospects all were first round picks, something the Tigers have a tendency to do, select hard throwing right-handed pitchers.

Alex Faedo, the 2017 first round pick found his way on the list at number 53. Faedo who enjoyed a career capped off by winning the most valuable player award at the College World Series, entered the draft and thought by many as a top 15 prospect, he found his way down to pick 18 and the Tigers pulled the trigger. On MLB Pipeline’s 20-80 scouting report of Alex Faedo, he graded out with two above-average pitches with a 60 on the fastball and a 65 on his slider. His change-up along with his control graded out at an average 50. While at Florida he put up a career 2.79 ERA, a 1.10 WHIP, and a 4.42/1 K/BB rate.

Matt Manning another first round draft pick but from 2016 made his way onto the list at 79. Matt Manning who analysts believed was the second-best high school pitcher in the draft found his way to pick nine where the Tigers selected him. On the 20-80 scale, MLB Pipeline has graded Manning with two above-average pitches with his fastball at 65 and his curveball at 60. His change-up along with his control both graded out as average at a 50. While with Connecticut in short A, Manning has posted a 1.65 ERA, a 1.22 WHIP, and a K/BB rate of 3/1.

Beau Burrows like the two other Tigers ahead of him was drafted in the first round of the MLB draft. Burrows who graded out with one above average pitch on MLB Pipeline’s 20-80 scale with a 60 on his fastball. He graded out with his curveball and change-up as average with a 55 on his curveball and a 50 on his change-up. Along with those pitches grading out at average his control graded out to be average at a 50. His slider however, was graded as a 45 and ended up being slightly below average. Splitting time in between Erie and Lakeland he has had a 2.67 ERA, a WHIP of 1.19, and a K/BB rate of 3.22/1.

It was a surprise to find three Detroit Tigers prospects on the list. The future still remains a struggle as all three players were pitchers, something the farm is already loaded up with.


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