Zach Britton Potential Target For Los Angeles Dodgers?

Zach Britton Baltimore Orioles Trade Deadline

Greg Fiume-Getty Images

As the season begins to restart, many teams on the verge of a playoff birth are in a buying mode to try and give themselves the best chance at a World Series. Teams like the Orioles are in a precarious situation where any sustained losing streak is destined to doom their chances. I believe if teams are willing to give up some key pieces, the Orioles might extend their ear.

News has popped up that the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in Orioles Closer Zach Britton, and that has people in Baltimore talking. The Orioles’ are in spot where they have to decide if they want to look towards 2018-19 or right the ship and compete for the playoffs now. The decision isn’t going to be easy but that would depend on what the Dodgers would give up.

The Dodgers already have a great closer in Kenley Jansen and is having a phenomenal year. The starting pitching staff has been solid as well. So adding another closer seems a little odd for the Dodgers but if they have the two best closers in the game, the potential set up would be a shut down combination that is lethal.

Now the Orioles aren’t going to give up one of the best closers in baseball for just peanuts.  The Dodgers aren’t going to give up Cody Bellinger but they do have five of the top 100 prospects in the MLB in their farm system right now. Yasiel Puig is an intriguing piece the Dodgers may not mind parting with considering his contentious history with the Dodgers.

Puig’s immaturity has and is still his biggest issue but a change of scenery might help. Manny Machado has had his share of moments in an Oriole uniform but has recently been able to tone it down a bit. Having Machado and Schoop around could help Puig navigate his immaturity woes, and provide a very marketable trio in Baltimore.

Now this possible trade seems to be a long shot seeing as the Dodgers would have to give up one of their coveted prospects and the Orioles are on the fence at the moment about selling.

The Orioles have to make a decision quick on where they are headed because it appears that their championship window is closing on this era. If The Orioles have a chance to get some quality prospects to build around Machado and Schoop, the next window could be open for a while.


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