Will Rangers Trade Away Their Ace Duo?

Yu Darvish

Ronald Martinez – Getty Images

With the MLB trade deadline soon approaching, it is now time to see a multitude of teams drastically change via trades. The MLB will witness various teams such as the Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, and San Diego Padres trade the majority of their all-star talent in order to help rebuild for the future. While all the worst teams in the league will be in search for talented young prospects, the top contenders such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Redsox, and Houston Astros will be desperately searching for a top-tier ace or even an extra bat in their lineup.

Everyone is expecting that the top and bottom teams in the MLB will be extremely active at the trade deadline, but how active will a mediocre team such as the Texas Rangers be? When it comes to the Rangers the decision to buy or sell at the trade deadline has become extremely difficult. Will Jon Daniels be willing to trade more young talent to land a solid reliever, or will he be willing to deal an ace for a package of prospects to rebuild the Ranger’s farm system?

According to this rumor, it has become very evident that the Ranger’s success from now until the July 31st deadline will determine whether or not the Rangers will buy or sell.

Although the Rangers have had an extremely disappointing first half of the season, they still have a record of 43-45 and remain only three games behind the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees for a Wild Card spot. Over the next sixteen games before the trade deadline the Rangers will face the  Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, and then Baltimore once again. If the Rangers can post a record of 11-5 over that sixteen game stretch, it remains likely that the Ranger’s continue their ‘win now’ mode for the rest of the season. If the Rangers continue to fall down the standings, it is almost a guarantee that they will trade either Yu Darvish or Cole Hamels to a contender for a quality prospect package.

Yu Darvish will be a free agent this coming offseason. If Jon Daniels is unwilling to pay his market value of approximately 5 years/ $150 million, there is no reason to keep him. The Astros and Dodgers are among various teams that could be very interested in paying a hefty price to acquire the ace. Cole Hamels, on the other hand, will not be a free agent this offseason. He still remains under contract through 2019. A trade involving Hamels, who is only owed $43.5 million over the next two seasons, could easily bring an even larger haul of prospects than a Yu Darvish trade.

The entire Ranger’s season will completely rely on the next sixteen ball games. If the Ranger’s regain form and continue their winning ways, we could possibly be blessed with postseason baseball once again. if not, get ready for some Texas tanking.


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