Dion Waiters Will Carry Miami In Dwyane Wade Role

Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

It was January 23, 2017. The Miami Heat were tied with the juggernaut Golden State Warriors with 11.7 seconds left. Dion Waiters dribbles the ball behind the 3-point line, jab steps, gets Klay on his heels, shot goes up, strike the pose.

A man by the name of Dion Waiters struck the city of Miami with a spark that night, and showed that the powerhouse team of the Golden State Warriors could be beaten with the right combination of talent and heart.

After Dwyane Wade left, many Heat fans lost hope in this years Heat team. All of a sudden one man emerged as a beam of light for that could fill the shoes of future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade in the great city of Miami.

After an 11-30 start the Miami Heat finished the year strong, going 30-11 through the second half of the season. Through the stretch where Dion Waiters was healthy they went 23-5. The best record in the NBA.

Right on time to stop the historic push by the Miami Heat is a Dion Waiters high ankle sprain. The injury proved to have a drastic ripple effect.

The Miami Heat could have just enough talent and hustle paired with their culture to end up in the eastern conference finals. They could even give the Cleveland Cavaliers a run for their money. Throughout the past few years, Miami has won only one playoff series since Lebron left.

Dion Waiters will be the man hitting the big shots behind this deep Miami Heat run, after signing an extension worth 52 million dollars over 4 years this offseason. If Dion Waiters can show up this season, and avoid injury, he could become an all-star and lead this Miami Heat group to a finals run.

Before this Heat team nobody had ever come back from more than 12 games below .500 and finish with a record of .500 or better. The Heat accomplished this when below 19 games. To add on to that, every key player from the Heat is returning with the addition of a few, such as Kelly Olynyk.

You can say what you want but this team has all the key ingredients for a playoff run. Don’t forget Coach Spoelstra is one of the best in history at his job winning games.


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