How Juventus Lines Up With De Sciglio And Szczesny

Luca Bruno/Associated Press

What has been a crazy transfer window in the Seria A, continues to get crazier as Juventus signed De Sciglio from AC Milan and Szczesny from Arsenal.

De Sciglio

After Juventus lost one of their best defenders in Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan, they decided to go after AC Milan left back Mattia De Sciglio. De Sciglio is a great young, underrated defender. He started playing for AC Milan at the age of 19, and since then, when healthy has had a big impact on their defense.


De Sciglio is a very efficient passer. He has a 86% passing accuracy, which leads to many chances on goal and Juventus keeping possession of the ball. De Sciglio is also is great at getting shots on target. He has a 43% shot accuracy, which for a left back is very good. With his ability to shoot and pass, it keeps defenses on their heels not knowing what he is going to do.

He is very efficient at winning the ball either in the air or making a tackle. He wins an average of 51% of duels he engages in. Also, he is very smart when he makes tackles. He doesn’t go in too harsh and times his tackles very well.


Looking at De Sciglio, he is a very solid player, his only weakness is that he makes too many defensive errors. If he can improve on that then he can become a very good full back.


Since Juventus lost Leonard Bonucci, there have been reports that during the US Tour Juventus is going to try out a 4-2-3-1. Instead of three in the back, they will have to play 4 due to the loss of Bonucci.


This Formation can work very well or very bad for Juventus. The two center backs will be Barzagli and Chiellini. The two full backs will be Alex Sandro and Dani Alves. The Center Defensive Midfielder will be Sami Khedira supported by De Sciglio and Cuadrado on the flanks. The striker will be Gonzalo Higuain and he will be supported by Mario Mandzukic, and Paulo Dybala.

Grade the Signing: A

Juventus gets a young full back/winger with a huge ceiling and potential. He is strong in the back and can create a lot of chances whether scoring, or assisting. He will be a big asset to Juventus.

Wojciech Szczesny

As Buffon is getting older, Juventus needed to get an experienced young goalkeeper and they get this in Wojciech Szczesny.


Szczesny keeps a lot of clean sheets and is solid in goal. He is not afraid to take risks and is very brave coming out of the goal. He had a 91% claim rate.


Szczesny concedes to many goals. He is a very inconsistent keeper. One day he can be amazing and the next day he can be terrible. If he can limit this he can become a great goalkeeper.

Grade the Signing: B

Juventus get an experienced goalkeeper to step in when Buffon retires for a cheap price. This signing can be really good or bad, but behind a strong defense like Juventus, Szczesny should be fine.

Overall, with these two signings, Juventus is taking a big step in planning their future without Buffon (Buffon has not retired yet, but it may seem like he retire in the future may considering his age) and star defender Bonucci.


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