J.D. Martinez Traded To Arizona

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers have traded star right fielder J.D. Martinez away to the Arizona Diamondbacks in return for three minor league infield prospects. JD Martinez, an impending free agent after this year was more than likely to be traded.

The haul that the Tigers received for Martinez included Dawel Lugo, Sergio Alcantara, and Jose King. All three can play shortstop, while Alcantara and King can play second, and Lugo can play third.

J.D. Martinez who knew he would be traded has put up great stats this year considering that he missed over the first month. He has hit for a .305 batting average along with having a .388 on-base percentage. Along with that, he has hit 16 home runs and has batted in 39 runs. His slugging and on-base percentages combined have climbed over 1 to 1.018. Martinez this year who has been called defensive liability has only made two errors while in the field. Along with that he has had two assisted, only one less than last year.

Dawel Lugo is the headliner of this deal as he was ranked the Diamondbacks fourth best prospect. Lugo while in double-A has had a batting average of .282 along with an on-base percentage at .325. Lugo has hit for some power with his 7 home runs. Lugo does however have a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 2.42 to 1. Defensively he has had a fielding percentage of .955. On MLB’s 20-80 scale, 50 being average, he has power and run graded at 40, fielding and hitting graded at 50, and his arm rated at 60.

Segio Alcantara is the next prospect who was ranked at number 15 for the diamondbacks. Alcantara while in single-A+ has produced a .279 batting average with a .344 on-base percentage. Alcantara is a step down in power compared to Lugo who has hit 3 home runs along with 28 runs batted in. Along with that, he has a solid 1.68  to 1 strikeout to walk ratio. His fielding percentage at shortstop has been .961 percent with his 14 errors. On MLB’s 20-80 scale, 50 being average, he has 20 power, 45 hit, 50 run, 60 field, and his arm rated out at 70.

The final prospect in the deal being Jose King. Jose King, who was not ranked in the Diamondbacks top 30 hit .261 while in rookie level ball. He had an on-base percentage at .333 along with no home runs. He has had a strikeout to walk ratio of 6.67 to 1. Between time at second and short he put up a .900 fielding percentage making 5 errors.

While J.D. Martinez was going to be traded the haul that they received was quite light. Lugo may be the future third baseman or shortstop while the others contributions in the future are hard to tell at this time due to being in single-A and rookie level.


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