Manager Antonio Conte Signs Two-Year Extension With Chelsea

Antonio Conte Chelsea

Catherine Ivill-AMA/Getty Images

After a very disappointing 2015-2016 season for Chelsea under manager Jose Mourinho, Chelsea decided to turn in a new direction. They hired Antonio Conte, who coached Juventus during the 2013-2014 season. Chelsea had high standards for him and he did not disappoint.

Antonio Conte’s Chelsea team ended up winning the Premier League and scored one of the most points in Premier League History with 93 points. This amazing season ended on a low-note with a loss to Arsenal in the FA Cup.

Antonio Conte’s first season with Chelsea was very successful due to three reasons.

Never Stops Until He Is Successful

Antonio Conte never stops until he is at the top. His desire and will to win are what makes Chelsea such a great team. He pushes them to the limit and is even willing to bench top players for one bad game. This is why Chelsea is such a hard-working team and one of the best in England.

His Attention to Detail

Antonio Conte’s attention to detail is what makes him the great coach he is. He can realize if a tactic or formation is working or not and change it. If a player is ruining the system, then he will take them out. His attention to detail is what makes Chelsea’s formation work, allowing them to become a successful team.

Offensive Pushes

Antonio Conte wants his midfield to dominate others, which will help his team retain possession of the ball. When the midfield is retaining possession of the ball he wants his fullbacks to get up and put pressure on opposing defenses. This 8-man attack puts opposing defenses under a lot of pressure, which makes their attack so efficient and prolific.

Grade the Extension: B+

Antonio Conte took a Chelsea team that finished 10th in the league to winning the Premier League and taking them to the FA Cup Final. Conte has also made many great signings this summer, which will help Chelsea’s midfield and defense. The only problem I have with this extension is that we have seen this before. Jose Mourinho won the title at Chelsea, then they finished tenth in the league. Will Antonio Conte be the next Jose Mourinho? Only time will tell.


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