Chelsea to Sign Real Madrid Striker Alvaro Morata

                                                                CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

Chelsea have agreed on a 70 million euros fee for Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata, according to The Guardian. This signing comes in wake of their top players being linked to bigger clubs. They have confirmed on a deal with Real Madrid, but it is not confirmed whether the transfer has happened, but Chelsea is very confident in getting a deal done.

Ever since joining Real Madrid in 2012, Alvaro Morata has scored 32 goals in 124 appearances and most of those appearances were off the bench. This move doesn’t come as a surprise as he was not getting the playing time he deserved, considering how talented he is. When he does play, he makes a huge impact on Real Madrid’s offense.

Chelsea has been linked to several quality strikers, like Aubaymeng, Aguero, and Morata for some while, but it always seems like a deal never happens. They finally got a quality striker in Morata. Chelsea fans should be very excited to see Morata play.

Looking at Chelsea’s attack they have Diego Costa, Pedro, Eden Hazard, Michy Batshauy and now Alvaro Morata. This attack consists of young players with huge ceilings. In a couple of years this attack will be one of the best in the world.

With links that Diego Costa might leave for Atletico Madrid, and Hazard linked to Madrid, this Morata signing is a big one for Chelsea. He is a young striker who makes a drifference on the pitch. He is a very smart player and knows when to make runs and when to pass.

For the past couple of years, Chelsea has won the league then dropped then won again. They have had success in England, but not in Europe. This signing of Morata gives them a player who is experienced and successful in Europe.

If Chelsea gets this deal won, England and European teams better watch out. This signing helps bolster their already stacked attack and helps them take a step in the right direction. Sure, this a rumor, but there is a high chance of the deal being completed due to multiple major sources talking about it. We will just have to see over these next few days. They got a quality striker for a cheap price.




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