Possible Landing Spots For Justin Wilson

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more intriguing relievers on the market in Justin Wilson has heard his name whirled around in rumors. Many people believe that he will find himself with a new club by the time that the trade deadline comes.

Justin Wilson could fill a teams need as a closer or just a needed left handed reliever. Wilson has put up a very good walks and hits per inning at .906 and an earned run average at 2.29. Left-handed batters have hit .235 against him but right-handed batters have hit .122. Wilson also has one year of arbitration left before entering free agency.

Houston Astros: The Houston Astros who have had a much more consistent year from their closer Ken Giles who has converted 20 of his 22 save opportunities. However Tony Sipp has had a different year, as he has had an earned run average of 3.95 and 1.1 walks and hits per each inning that he pitches. Sipp has held his left-handed opponent to .200 and right-handed opponents to .178.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers who have one of the best closers in the game as Kenley Jansen has converted 23 saves in his 23 opportunities have no need for a closer. Luis Avilan the Dodgers main left-handed option has had an earned run average of 4.07 along with 1.60 walks and hits per each inning. Avilan has limited left-handed batters to a .204 average while right-handed hitters have hit .404.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays, like the Astros and Dodgers have no need for a closer as Alex Colome has converted 26 of his 30 opportunities. Adam Kolarek, the left-handed option in the Rays bullpen has struggled mightily this year as he has had a 5.40 earned run average. Along with that he has had 1.20 walks and hits per each inning. Left handed hitters have also hit an astonishingly high .400 while right-handed batters have hit .231.

Washington Nationals: The Washington Nationals who already went out and traded for left hander Sean Doolittle still have a need. Sammy Dolis now the secondary left-handed reliever has put up an astonishingly high walks and hits per each inning at 2.59. Not only that but his job to get left-handed hitters out has not worked as he has let up a .400 batting average. The Nationals also have a need for a closer even with the acquisition of Ryan Madson.

Justin Wilson, who will be a name thrown around during the whole deadline time period will command a good haul. The Astros, Dodgers, Rays, and Nationals all make sense as they have a good farm system and a need for Justin Wilson.


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