Building the Perfect College Basketball Team

Gisseppe Cacace-AFP via Getty Images

Although the 2017 draft class was stacked with talent, there was still a handful of surprises in those who opted not to declare for the draft. This perfect basketball team is based on players who are Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors and based on a 10 man rotation.

Starting Lineup

Guard: Joel Berry II

The best player from last year’s March Madness run. He won many accolades and guarded some of the top point guards in the NCAA all on terrible ankles. He is very efficient player with a high shooting percentage and a low turnover rate. I trust him to lead our team as the starting point guard

Guard: Grayson Allen

After high expectations for last season, Allen’s season did not live up to the hype as he was plagued by injuries and tripping people. Allen is a sharpshooter from deep and is a very good defensive player. Arguably one of the most hated college basketball players, Allen will be our starting point guard.

Forward: Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges is a freakish athlete, who surprised everyone when he elected to stay one more year at Michigan State. An efficient shooter who shot 39% from three and 55% from inside the arc. His aggression to drive to the basket makes him a menace for opposing defenses. An efficient shooter and an aggressive player is what we need from our starting small forward.

Forward: Bonzie Colson

The 6’5” do it all Power Forward (Who can also play center), led the Irish in almost every category. He was their best scorer and re-bounder. His amazing turnover makes Bonzie Colson such a complete player. A versatile Power Forward is what we need from Bonzie Colson.

Center: Ethan Happ

A perfect example of a classic or throwback center. He takes no shots outside of the paint which contributes to his efficiency. An efficient player who does all the fundamentals right; playing good defense, limiting turnovers and taking good shots, is exactly what we need from our starting center.


Guard: Jalen Brunson

Jalen Brunson is an amazing finisher and shooter off the dribble. He shot an astonishing 55% from inside the arc and 38% from the arc. Combined with his great shooting is his very good defense. This is exactly what we need off the bench from our guard.

Guard: Jevon Carter

Even though Jevon Carter is a good shooter, he is not on the roster for shooting, but mainly for his defensive ability. The 6’2” guard from West Virginia averaged 3.5 steals and 5 rebounds. He will bring not only shooting and defensive presence off the bench, but a toughness that is hard to match on the opposing end.

Guard: Trevon Bluiett

Bluiett showed us how he can lead a team down the stretch during their march madness run. His ability to get buckets showed as he averaged 18.5 points a game on 44% inside the arc shooting and 37% 3 point shooting. His leadership will help lead this bench unit to success.

Forward: Moritz Wagner

The Power Forward from Michigan had only scored two three-pointers in his freshman year. Safe to say he improved a lot as he scored 45 three pointers as a sophomore. Not only is his three-point shooting impressive, but he shot 56% from inside the arc. A great shooter and defensive post presence is what we need from Moritz Wagner.

Center: Jock Landale

Jock Landale is arguably one of the best rebounders in Division 1 basketball. Combined with that rebounding is efficient scoring, with 61% from inside the arc. Jock Landale will help this bench unit with efficient two point shooting and present our team with many second chance point.

All in all, without counting freshman in our perfect basketball team, this team is very good and can space the floor. Overall, a very complete team


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