Sleeper Pick at Each Position For Fantasy Football

            Michael Reaves/Getty Images

As the NFL season is approaching quicker and quicker, so are fantasy football drafts. Every year there are always later round sleeper picks that can make or break a players season. In this article, I will be discussing 2 sleeper picks at each position for fantasy football.


Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz with a terrible receiving core still threw for just under four-thousand yards. Over the off-season, the Eagles added a great receiver in Alshon Jeffery and a veteran wide receiver in Torrey Smith. With Zach Ertz and Jordan Matthews back at full health, more weapons on the offensive end, and his ability to run, you should take the chance on him late if you need a quarterback.

Andy Dalton

Without AJ Green and Tyler Eifert for some portion of the season, Andy Dalton still threw for over four-thousand yards. Now with a top 5 wide receiver healthy in AJ Green, a great tight end in Tyler Eifert, and drafting a great deep threat in the draft with John Ross, he has more offensive weapons, and he should be there in your draft in the later rounds. So draft Dalton if he is available in your draft.

Running Backs

Isaiah Crowell

Crowell is definitely a sleeper running back. The Cleveland Browns made many acquisitions this off-season to make their offensive line better, and they don’t have any good receivers or quarterbacks. This is going to be a run-first team, so if he is there late, take him.

Bilal Powell

Even though early word is he is going to split time with Matt Forte, don’t let that take you away from the fact that Forte is on the decline. Powell is better, more durable, and a do it all back. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry and had 58 catches, so if he is there in the later rounds, take him.

Wide Receiver

Quincy Enunwa

Enunwa is the main man now with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker gone. He was the third receiver and finished 40th in total receiving yards. Now he is the primary receiver and has got a better quarterback, so draft him if he is there late.

Sammy Watkins

Injuries had plagued Watkin’s season. Now add in a run-first Bills offense and this has dropped his ADP to the fifth round. Since teams will try to stop the run when playing the Bills, this will open up opportunities for Watkins to get open and score.

Tight End

Martellus Bennett

After not having a dominant tight end for years in Green Bay, they may have found their answer in Martellus Bennett. He averaged 7.5 yards per catch last year and has a chance to build off that. Aaron Rodgers’ ability to make crazy plays and Bennett’s ability to work the middle of the field makes him a sleeper pick for the tight end position this year.

OJ Howard

How is a rookie that you have never seen play a sleeper pick? Well, Tampa Bay has not had a good tight end for a while now, but they decided to draft OJ Howard. Howard’s ability to catch and run and his jump ball ability is what will make him score many touchdowns and get a lot of yards, which makes him a sleeper pick.


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