Top 3 NFL Coaches With Do or Die Seasons

         Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After years and years of mediocrity seasons, these coaches are now on the hot seat. Their NFL careers may be coming to an end as they are given one more opportunity. With a little less than 50 days before the NFL season starts, in this article I will be discussing three NFL coaches with doing or die seasons.

3. Chuck Pagano: Indianapolis Colts

Pagano coaches the Colts in arguably one of the worst divisions in the NFL, the AFC South. After winning the AFC South in 2013 and 2014, Pagano has not had that same success in the past two years. In the last two years, he may have an excuse with Luck missing the majority of the season, but the main downfall of this team is the defense.

Pagano is supposedly a defense minded genius so having a defense that’s in the bottom 5 is not acceptable. If Pagano doesn’t make the playoffs this upcoming year, his coaching job may be in trouble.

2. Marvin Lewis: Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis is the second longest tenured head coach in the NFL, and has failed to win a playoff game in 7 playoff appearances. Every year, Lewis has the weapons on offense and a good defense, but bad play calling and a terrible atmosphere has caused the Bengals to either lose in the playoffs or not make them at all. This year Lewis has more weapons on offense and defense, so not making the playoffs may be the last straw in Lewis’s coaching career.

1.Todd Bowles: New York Jets

Bowles has been the New York Jets coach for two years and may be on his way out if something doesn’t change. Bowles is 14-15 in two years with the Jets with his best season coming his first year when they just missed out on the playoffs. Bowles has been criticized for not being involved with the offense and making terrible decisions. Defensive wise the Jets have the talent, but it hasn’t worked under coach Todd Bowles. This may be Bowles last season unless he changes things.



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