Why The Phillies Should fire Pete Mackanin

Almost every MLB manager, current or former, has had their struggles when it comes to managing a Major League Baseball club. Every manager that has struggles overcomes them, or else it would make their job at lot harder and possibly get relieved of duties. However, one manager stands out the most, and that is current Philadelphia Phillies manager Pete Mackanin.

Initially, he got the Philies managing job when former Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg resigned suddenly mid-season. After his resignation, Pete was appointed interim manager. A few days later, he was officially removed from the interim tag and considered the full-time Phillies manager.

Pete Mackanin, 65, managed two teams prior to becoming the Phillies manager when Ryne Sandberg resigned, very suddenly.  Both teams he managed prior to joining the Phillies were on an interim status and he never was removed from the interim tag.

He managed both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Cincinnati Reds for one year before leaving the team. Now, he’s served as the Phillies manager for the past 3 seasons. He has a record of 141-201, all three seasons combined.

His record is not the only factor as to why Pete should be fired. His game-time decision-making skills get on some Phillies fans nerves. For example, he tends to pull the pitcher at the wrong times, often when it is far to late and the opposing team already scored runs.

However, the Phillies front office clearly likes Mackanin because they extended his contract through the 2021 season. Although that doesn’t mean he’ll stay for the duration of his contract, it shows that the front office doesn’t want to find a new manager anytime soon.

In his entire managerial career, he has a record of 194-247. That record is an embarrassment. Now, keep in mind the Phillies are currently the worst team in baseball. But, he managed two other teams prior to joining the Phillies and his record is not even close to being .500.

In conclusion, Pete probably will last as the Phillies manager for the next couple of seasons. But, anything can happen.


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