Joe Flacco could be out 3-6 weeks with back issue.

Okay, if you are a Ravens fan, the news of major injuries to your club is probably starting to become nauseating at this point. Joe Flacco is the newest Ravens added to the list of players bitten by the Injury bug. Earlier in the week, we already heard Kenneth Dixon missing the season due a meniscus tear but at least the Ravens know that he will miss the whole season. The Flacco injury is more troublesome for this team because back problems don’t just go away with a few weeks rest. The offense can only go as far as Flacco will take them.

Some reports are saying that with a week’s rest, Flacco should be fine to get back out on the practice field and participate in all team activities but I have my doubts. Back injuries are not one those areas of your body where you get surgery and everything is fine afterwards. Just last season, Tony Romo’s back injury ended his career and J.J. Watt had a season ending back injury in week 3 of the season. The problem for Flacco is that most of his career he has been a pillar of health for the team, a consistent figure on the offense for 9 seasons but now he’s recovered from a major knee injury and is now dealing with back problems. These are not the kind of issues you want you $100 million Quarterback to have and its probably not going to get better.

Fans will be biting their nails every time Flacco takes a hit, slides or even just bending down to pick up the ball. There is some optimism that he just made the area sore but we’ve heard that before with Dixon. The Ravens thought he just had to go in to the doctor, get the meniscus shaved and he would be back on the field in a couple of weeks, wrong. So my confidence in what the Ravens staff is telling us is very low and the Ravens have to prepare for the worst.

I have zero confidence in backup QB Ryan Mallet as he is 3-5 as a starter at 30 years of age, which means that is the Ravens have to rely on him for any significant amount of time, they will be in serious trouble. I have to believe that Ozzie Newsome is making calls and looking around the free agent market just in case the news isn’t good but, like I said earlier, back issues like to flair up over and over again and the Ravens need to be ready for that. I believe there is a Quarterback out there that can fill the void until Flacco is ready to return, a player that is familiar with Greg Roman’s (senior offensive assistant) and that man is Colin Kaepernick.

Colin has been a lightning rod of negative attention since his public stance on the lack justice for unarmed black victims, last season. many owners have decided that they don’t want Colin around the team because he will bring all the media that will come with his signing. However, Kaepernick is a very capable Quarterback that just needs another chance; he knows how to run the Greg Roman offense because he used it get all the way to the Super bowl during the 2012 season. Jim Harbaugh, Colin’s former head coach believes that Kaepernick deserves to be a starter in the NFL. We all know the Harbaughs are a tight knit family group and John has listened to his brother before, it wouldn’t hurt to take his advice again.


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