NBA’s Latest Era Proves Changes In Game Over Time

The NBA has had the greatest athletes in the whole world. Players like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Paul Pierce. Some of these players are still in the NBA. Some in their prime, some not. A great example would be Lebron James. He has been in the league, and played against everyone of them. All these players, (Excluding Lebron) has retired. Just like all things relevant to the world, becomes outdated. And the new NBA generation has come. These players include Stephen Curry, Kawhi Lenoard, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. These kinds of players are, compared to the last era of players, more versatile, and more willing do anything for a ring. This has resulted in a more competitive, NBA. So with the remaining players from the past era, like Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Dirk Nowitski left in the dust. A big proof that this era may be ending is players like, you guessed it, Lebron James, have started to give the ball to players like Kyrie, Kevin Love, and Tristan Thompson, the ball a lot more. In my option this is the players slowing down, but I can agree that they are trying to improve the next era of the NBA and giving them a shot.

One player I will be watching for sure over these next couple of years will for sure be Russell Westbrook. He’s not a rookie, and he’s not up and coming. But last season’s performance was nothing short of incredible. When your averaging a triple-double, you know you are doing something. Another player I will be watching these upcoming years will have to be Josh Jackson of the Phoenix Suns. The draft was hyped up due to players like Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, no one really bothered to talk about the guard out of Kansas. Josh averaged 16.3 points a game and 3.0 assists for game Pretty decent stats for a guard considering today’s standards. I’m really excited for this next season. Seeing all these blockbuster trades and these new rookies. If the league isn’t already very competitive, it just went up a step more.


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