Who is Pitcher Tucker Ward?

Tucker Ward, 25-years-old, is currently a pitcher for the Hillsboro Hops, a Class-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Throughout his entire career, he has racked up 28 strikeouts in 30 games. Now, that’s impressive.

Ward was drafted in 2015 by the Diamondbacks. When he heard his name being selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks, he said “It was so surreal. It was a dream come true”. Where was he when he was drafted by the Dbacks? He was at home. “I was at home with my family and we were just hoping I got a call”, he said.

However, he was very uncertain weather or not he would be drafted by any Major League Baseball team in the 2015 draft because he was hurt some of his senior year. But, that clearly didn’t matter because he was drafted and since then he has been one heck of a pitcher in the Class-A league.

Tucker always wanted to pitch since he was in little league. “I finally got the chance I fell in love with it”. When asked why he enjoyed it so much, he said “I like the action. You are literally apart of every play because it starts with the pitcher throwing”. He also said that being around all pitchers growing up made him want to get into pitching.

All baseball players have their biggest idol in baseball they look up to. For Tucker, it’s Eric Gangne. “Seeing him win a Cy Young as a reliever was awesome. He had some of the most dominant years as a reliever.” He also included that he liked pitcher Mariano Rivera, saying “who doesn’t like that guy”.

When asked about he felt about his recent performances on the mound, he simply said “I’m happy with it.”. In his last 10 games, he has a record of 1-2, with a ERA of 5.59. He also has allowed 10 hits, 6 earned runs, and walked 8 batters.


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