Three Reasons Why the New York Jets are DOOMED

The New York Jets finished last season with a show that was worse than watching paint dry. They finished with a 5-11 record, which was better than what actually showed. Their trust in Ryan Fitzpatrick quickly wavered, as he threw 12 touchdown to 17 interceptions, while passing for only 2,710 yards. The acquisition of Matt Forte was thought to be a great move by New York, but it proved to be a fail, as Forte rushed for only 813 yards and 7 touchdowns. The defense proved to not be worried about Forte; he only rushed for 3.7 yards per carry. His best game was Week 2 versus the Buffalo Bills, where he rushed for 100 yards and 3 touchdowns. He only eclipsed the 100 yard mark one other time (Week 7 versus Baltimore Ravens), and he only rushed for a touchdown in 4 games.

Based on these instances, lets look at the three reasons why the New York Jets are the new Cleveland Brown (aka DOOMED).

1. Quarterback

The Jets were plagued by the the play of Ryan Fitzpatrick (12/17 TD-INT Ratio), Bryce Petty (3/7 TD-INT Ratio), and Geno Smith (1/1 TD-INT Ratio). They played like absolute garbage, throwing everywhere except for the receivers. He threw over Brandon Marshall, led Eric Decker into interceptions, and didn’t even look Quincy Enunwa’s way most games. Now, after the season, they released Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith. These seemed to be good moves by New York’s Front Office, being that Bryce Petty played the first-rate quarterback this past season. Now that Ryan Fitzpatrick found his way as the backup for James Winston and Geno Smith slid his way behind Eli Manning as the Giants backup, things looked to be a step in the right direction and last season was just a slight blunder, but as we now see, the quarterbacks the now run the helm in New York are nothing short of disappointing. They signed Josh McCown, who basically farts out dust on every three-step dropback. McCown ran the show in Cleveland, and in his 5 games before getting injured, he had a 6/6 TD-INT Ratio. You know, McCown has experience has the position, so maybe signing McCown will give a veteran leadership at the position. This will give a mentor for Christian Hackenberg, their young, up-and-coming quarterback. After the hectic free agency, Jets camp has started, and the first day on the job for our subjects hoped to be a great showing for the authoritative passers. Of course, we were wrong. McCown went 9 for 12 with one interception (Morris Claiborne), Hackenberg went 4 for 9 with no interceptions, and Bryce Petty went 6 for 9 with one interception (Marcus Williams). Overall, their play was nothing special, and we don’t really expect much going into next season.

2. Front Office

The Jets had a talented roster finishing the season, with big names like Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, Calvin Pryor, and even David Harris and Darrelle Revis. Currently, the only man left in that list is Matt Forte. Brandon Marshall went to the Giants, Eric Decker landed himself with the Titans, Calvin Pryor dragged himself into the doomed Cleveland Browns organization, and David Harris is a Patriot. Darrelle Revis is still burnt like toast on the free agency market. The Jets Front Office somehow managed to let go of all of their good players and have lost the chance at any sort of rebuilding base for their team. Their best CB is now Morris Claiborne, their best WR is Quincy Enunwa, and their best safety is an underdeveloped Jamal Adams, the number 6 pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Their front office has only granted them good draft picks for the next 20 million years.

3. New York

The New York Jets have placed a black mark on their city. They haven’y posted a Super Bowl championship since 1968, where they deleted the Baltimore (Yes, Baltimore) Colts 17-6 in Super Bowl 3. Back in these days, the goalposts were in the front of the end zone, and football was less physical than a toddler pillow fight. This mark on New York has placed the Jets in a backseat ride to the top of New York sports stardom. Maybe the Jets need to relocate. They need a place that isn’t shared by another football powerhouse. The Giants have taken over the spotlight in New York, and have left the Jets behind. If the Jets relocate, they can capture a new fanbase without having to hide behind the pressure of the Giants.

In total, the Jets are doomed. For now. IF they follow the necessary steps of rebuilding, then they will slowly build back up to form, but currently, please welcome the new Cleveland Browns.


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