Why New York Should Wait to Trade Carmelo Anthony

There is no question that Carmelo Anthony is going to be traded this year, so what’s the rush? The Knicks could do themselves a favor by waiting until the trading deadline to move the ten-time all star.

Fourteen out of the fifteen “Stars” in the NBA are now residing in the Western Conference. What this means for the Eastern Conference is that there is a huge chance of your team making the playoffs this year (even the Nets).

So although the New York Knicks are rebuilding; they may be a top eight team in the East. Carmelo Anthony is a major factor in the Knicks season- if he leaves in the offseason the Knicks would get a raw deal that could turn out bad for the franchise, but there is a second option for the Knicks: wait to trade Carmelo.

As stated before; the East is as weak as ever, so this means non-all-star players will be in the All-Star game this year for the East. Anthony’s biggest competition for an all-star spot is Gordon Hayward; this means Melo could potentially be an eleven time all-star.

If the Knicks are patient, they could let Carmelo raise his trade value by making another all-star team. The only downside to this strategy is if Carmelo somehow gets injured, this ruins the plan of raising his value.

Another plus to this strategy is the Knicks would have more leverage in a potential trade to Cleveland, Houston, or Oklahoma City. All three of those team are serious contenders, so if the Knicks wait until midseason when the contenders are looking for that final piece to the puzzle, they would hit the jackpot especially if Kyrie Irving is still with the Cavilers at the time.

Also, Carmelo could find other surprising teams that is willing to waive his no trade clause. This could bring in young talent and/or draft picks for New York. Once Melo is gone, the Knicks would have a bright future for the first time in thirty plus years!

Waiting to trade Carmelo Anthony could be the difference in another dismal ten year span, and a promising decade for the Knicks. At this point, the Knicks best option is to sit back and watch how the rest of the offseason and first half of the season goes until they make any deals for Carmelo Anthony.


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