Predictions For Top Six Premier League Teams

The Premier League’s top tier excitement exists due to it having so many great teams. The coveted Champions League spots in the top four of the league are all up for grabs this year yet again.

Manchester City are title favorites this season, and is the prediction for the number one spot. They were fantastic and fun to watch during the first half of the 2016/17 season, but after a stunning loss to Chelsea, they were never the same. Due to problems on the back line, they gave up easy goals to the opposition. They have been trying to fix this problem by spending over £100 million on defenders this transfer window. When all is said and done, Manchester City will be lifting the trophy in May.

Just like the 2011/12 season Manchester City’s crosstown rivals, Manchester United will be runner-ups as number two. Last season, United was not stellar to say the least, as a sixth place finish is nothing to be proud about. With their Europa League win, they did still achieve Champions League berth. They had troubles in the central midfield; Paul Pogba was average (not good for the world’s most expensive player.) With the signing of Nemanja Matic, that problem with most likely be fixed. Another great transfer was Romelu Lukaku, who is a sure scorer.

In third place will be Spurs. After a second place finish, they haven’t gotten any better. They haven’t signed anyone and lost their starting right back to Manchester City, it isn’t looking good for them. They are a great side, but not good enough for the title.

Chelsea will be number four. The 2016/17 Champions looked great last season. Their signings in Rudiger, Bakayoko, and Morata are just what they needed. But they have lost more than they have gotten, Ake and Chalobah were sold, Zouma loaned, and we are all still waiting for news on Costa’s future. Eden Hazard will miss the beginning of the season, which is bad news for the Blues. But when he returns Chelsea will make a run and take a top four finish.

Fifth and Sixth will be Liverpool and Arsenal, both have signed attacking players but overrated ones. Injury plagued sides will probably have the same luck staying healthy as the previous seasons.

As usual, this is going to be another exciting season. We have all missed it these last few months and we can’t wait for the leagues’ return.




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